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Thursday, February 19, 2015

a Black....Superman?

What color skin should Superman have ?  I've never thought about that question until just now, when it was raised on Al Jazera news.  The person raising the question was of course....'black'.  But she went on to ask "why does hollywood prefer white skins for iconic roles?"

I'd say the answer to that is close to all our heats, and though hardly thought about, it is for the same reason that any group of people with a different color skin might like to see a 'black' or 'Asian' superman.. "racism"... now let's be clear here... it's not a restricted or selective racism that can only apply to white skinned people, but is universal to the rainbow of human skin colors and races. Asian people want an Asian superman because to them, his look would be 'normal' relative to their community. But to insist on that would be totally racist. Same goes for the Black Community or Arab.

I do 'get' the discussion. I've never thought about it though, because, surprise surprise.....I'm white!  How would I feel about a black superman?  Probably a bit wierd, not because I resent hi powered Black heroes, but because I grew up with Superman from childhood, and if he was 'black' when I and the other 99/100 people around me are white.. it would probably seem "somethings not quite right there"....

Superhero's  are inventions of the human mind, and if it so happens that most people are white or black....their superheroes will undoubtedly reflect that fact.  By all means make a 'Black' superhero...but he should be  Superman who was an invention and intellectual property of the community from which he came. (perhaps?)  Make your Black Hero "Incrediblack" or some other name, like "Asian Sensation"  (haha..or even one of my other hero types..Jackie Chan!)

A WORD TO THE WHITES... folks.. chill...relax.. you are who you are and you don't need to apologize for that. So... love and live with our superhero's with a clear conscience...you are no different to all other races and skin colors. No better...no worse.

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