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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2 forms of music, Islamic and Christian what a dark contrast!

There is something seriously surreal about viewing a Muslim video where they employ harmony and all male voices, to produce something that "musically" sounds not too bad. However..when the video proceeds to the point where you see a man in an orange jump suit in a cage, and then the Muslims around him carrying guns who then light a trail of flammable liquid that then reaches the cage, flares up and consumes the man alive.... it takes everything from the Music and taints the whole genre of Islamic music with a horrific satanic character that is it's true nature.  I could include some example of that kind of music in a video of some awful act of brutality by Muslims, but I don't want to sour your taste or infect the joyful video below with that. So I won't.

Look around.... look at the variety and quality of Christian music today. It ranges from the likes of the Gregorian monks and their chants to so called Christian rock. In between there are some exceedingly beautiful all embracing musical experiences that you can open your mind and heart to without reservation. They involve joy, worship, happiness, peace, love.

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