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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Trade Unions- How to Abolish them.

This is not playschool, it is politics. We don't need the kind of Sesame street back and forth from the same old characters every time the show goes to air. The history of the Labor movement shows many things, primarily, that using 'Union Busting' methods is not going to solve the problem or organized labor under the control of nefarious outside political forces. (Internationalist). However.... brute force does actually work to break strikes and destroy Unions:

-Pinkertons and militia at Homestead, 1892 - One of the first union busting agencies was the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, which came to public attention as the result of a shooting war between strikers and three hundred Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike of 1892. When the Pinkerton agents were withdrawn, militia forces were deployed. The decisive defeat of a powerful strike resulted in the destruction of the local union.

-Federal troops crush the American Railway Union, 1894 - During the Pullman Strike, the American Railway Union (ARU) committed one of the first great acts of union solidarity by calling out its members according to the principle of industrial unionism. The action was very successful until twenty thousand federal troops were called out to crush the strike, and the national ARU was destroyed.

-National Guard in the Colorado Labor Wars, 1903 - The Colorado National Guard, an employers' organization called the Citizens' Alliance, and the Mine Owners' Association teamed together to eject the Western Federation of Miners from mining camps throughout Colorado during the Colorado Labor Wars.

More:  Corporations Auxiliary Company: "Our man will come to your factory and get acquainted... If he finds little disposition to organize, he will not encourage organization, but will engineer things so as to keep organization out. If, however, there seems a disposition to organize he will become the leading spirit and pick out just the right men to join. Once the union is in the field its members can keep it from growing if they know how, and our man knows how. Meetings can be set far apart. A contract can at once be entered into with the employer, covering a long period, and made very easy in its terms. However, these tactics may not be good, and the union spirit may be so strong that a big organization cannot be prevented. In this case our man turns extremely radical. He asks for unreasonable things and keeps the union embroiled in trouble. If a strike comes, he will be the loudest man in the bunch, and will counsel violence and get somebody in trouble. The result will be that the union will be broken up."

This all seems to me, to treat the symptom and does not address root causes.

The only way to fix that problem is to abolish organized labor. At the same time, any nation that wishes to endure will not do that from the perspective of James Madison, one of the founding fathers of the USA, who wanted to deny the democratic vote to ordinary people because of the need to protect the 'elite' wealthy. His view was well intended, he expected the wealth elite to bend over backwards to assist the working people with the challenges they faced in life. Unfortunately, by and large that didn't happen.

There are two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other, by controlling its effects.There are again two methods of removing the causes of faction: the one, by destroying the liberty which is essential to its existence; the other, by giving to every citizen the same opinions, the same passions, and the same interests. (Maddison)

How big can strikes be?
In 1909, the Pressed Steel Car Company at McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania fired forty men, and eight thousand employees representing sixteen nationalities walked out under the banner of the Industrial Workers of the World.

We know now the origins and loyalties of this "Workers of the World" movement.. The Comintern Communist group! But this would not have arisen if organized Labor was illegal.

But this incident is very instructive regarding Maddisons injunction about either removing the cause or controlling the effects. Common sense dictates that the best solution is to remove the cause, as long as it is legitimate. In this case, it seems to have been more than legitimate, but it was crying out to the heavens for remedy:

Working conditions in the plant were primitive even by Pittsburgh standards. Pressed Steel Car Company was locally called "The Last Chance" and "The Slaughterhouse". "Men are persecuted, robbed, and slaughtered, and their wives are abused in a manner worse than death—all to obtain or retain positions that barely keep starvation from the door, said Rev. A.F. Toner, a priest at St. Mary Roman Catholic Church in McKees Rocks, in an interview with The Pittsburgh Leader. The local coroner, Joseph G. Armstrong, estimated that deaths in the plant averaged about one a day and were often caused by moving cranes. One of the charges made by Slavic immigrant workers was that wives and daughters were subject to sexual harassment to repay food and rental debts to the company agents.

To try to just 'control the effects' of men driven into such dark places could only ever be temporary at best.
The conditions above were only possible because there was no body to which such corporations were accountable, and we might suggest 'but what about the government?' Governments have far too many things to worry about than be the lifeguard in every stormy sea of industrial drama that arises.... there must be a body which is bound by oath to the Nation to protect both employer and employee.

There is really only one way to solve the problem of organized labor in the final analysis. But before examining the remedy it would be wise to outline the real problem. Contrary to their stated goal, they do not represent the 'interests of the workers'. They pander 'to' those perceived interests, they present unbalanced, greed based information that the workers are 'told' are their interests, but the only interests Trade Unions serve today is the lifestyle of their pampered privileged leaders. ("Bosses"). As per Maddison however, at the same time one abolishes Organized labor, a nation must also ensure that the legitimate causes of labor organization are addressed, and I propose an Ombudsman system for this.  Labor Unions/Organized labor might well begin with noble motives of legitimate worker welfare and safety, but outside political forces creep in using intimidation and outlandish promises to scare and  seduce the  average worker.

If anything, the larger geo-strategic goal they represent is that of China's global economic dominance.  Using the simple test Qui Bono, (Who benefits) from constant upward pressure on wages, it is clear that for each industry or enterprise that closes down,* it is a victory for Chinese industrial might and one less brick they have to remove in their demolition of non Chinese economies.


Change the law to abolish them and incarcerate their leaders and organizers and enablers indefinitely for re-education.  There is little likelihood of  're-education' being effective because on the evidence it seems the people running the Unions are there because of unparalleled greed, coupled with entrenched ideology, usually connected to one of the various branches of Marxism/Leninism.

Given that re-education is not likely to be effective, I propose they simply be forgotten, disposed of, removed, and crushed in whatever way works.  This might seem harsh, but fair warning would be given for the memberships to consider the alternative and to oust the current leaders for those more accommodating to the national interest rather than the private interest of greedy grubby Union leaders and their family and business connections.

If the members of various unions are up to the task of identifying those who would be likely to  faithfully represent their interests under the umbrella of the Nations interest and well being, there is every chance that such people could be appointed (on a trial basis) to the enhanced Ombudsman department and appointed to a role that relates to the industries they are most closely connected to and are most familiar with.

The most militant Union leaders will never be offered such a prestigous and responsible role, as they have given themselves over to unbridled material and ideological greed long ago and I feel confident they are beyond rehabilitation or redemption.

Labor Camps.

This model has been used quite effectively in some of the Eastern European states, and to the extent that this could be matched up with a more pro active national interest driven economy, it could be adopted. 

Let me be very clear, the concept of 'Organized Labor' where a body of employees at a large corporation are managed and guided by some power or force outside that corporation, is absurd, anachronistic and belongs back with the Dinosaurs.  This is not something that needs to be apologized for, or negotiated, or discussed, or balanced with this or that competing interest, as it is a plain obvious simple fact.

*In one aspect of my business, I visit factory/warehouses all over Melbourne where the factory has been closed, or converted to an extra warehouse, and all the goods are now imported from China.

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