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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Truth, the Article and the Idiot- OnlineOpinion finally publishes all of it.

THE ARTICLE. (By Babette Francis)  Stunned is probably an understatement for how I reacted to OnLineOpinion publishing a remarkably true article about Islam.  Here it is ==> "It is Islam, not Islamism"

To save you a few precious clicks and time, I'll reprint the substantial content here:

The main theme is:   While the massacre of journalists and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo in Paris may have led to some introspective thinking on the part of liberal editors and media in the democratic West, they still do not seem to understand that the basic problem is not "Islamism" or "extremism" or some fringe group of "Islamists" but Islam itself.

The supporting arguments are:
The biggest obstacle to the modernization of Islam is Muhammad himself. The task of making a man who owned a sword named 'Cleaver of Vertebrae' compatible with the modern world is not an easy one.
Kilpatrick* went on to list some of Mohammed's deeds, along with Koran and hadith references:
Mohammed married a six- year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was nine. (Bukhari, 5. 63. 3896) [This is why the marriage age for girls cannot be raised in countries such as Iran and Malaysia and in Iran is being lowered from l0 to 9].
In violation of Arab moral standards Muhammad married his own daughter-in-law. (Koran, 33:37) He ordered the beheading of all the men of the captured Banu Qurayza tribe and the enslavement of the women and children. According to some accounts, between 800 and 900 men and adolescent boys were executed as Muhammad and his child bride looked on. (Ishaq, p. 464)
He sanctioned the rape of women captured by his troops in battle. (Muslim, Vol. 4, No. 1438) After the assault on the Jews of Khaybar, Muhammad ordered that a leader of the tribe, Kinana bin al-Rabi, be tortured until he disclosed the location of the group's treasure. A fire was lit on Kinana's chest but, as he still refused to reveal the secret, Muhammad had him beheaded. Muhammad had promised Kinana's young wife, Safiya, to another Muslim, but, after hearing of her beauty, he went back on his word and took her in "marriage" for himself. By some accounts, this occurred only hours after he dispatched her husband. (Ishaq, p. 515; Bukhari, 1. 8. 367).

* Author and Islam scholar William Kilpatrick wrote in Crisis Online Magazine (30/10/14)

Now for the 'Idiot'.
There is a contributor (if he can be called that?) who is utterly bigoted and blind when it comes to this kind of accurate and verfiable information (above). His OnLine Nickname is "Pericles" and whenever anyone makes an entirely valid, well supported point about linking the example and teaching/commands of Muhammad to terrorism today.... or simply asserts that true Islam is as Muhammad lived it  above,  this Pericles becomes lamentably hysterical and laughably irrational. He couches his irrationality in some 'big' words that most of us need a dictionary to digest, but no amount of perfumed paragraphing or decorated deception can alter the basic fact of his irrationality.
His position is poison! He declares that if you speak 'truth' about Islam and Muhammad,  you are stirring up hate for Muslims...... (quote)

Why is it, I often wonder to myself, that some people think that it is their Christian duty to stir up hatred towards other religions, as this article does. Is it a hangover from the Crusades? Is it just a revival of the ducking-stool style of Christianity, where a person is adjudged evil by their inability to avoid being so defined? Or are we merely seeing the sad, shrill effluvium of a permanently closed and stunted mind?
They won't go away, of course. Because they are so convinced that they are "right", that it is somehow their bounden duty to constantly bombard the rest of us with their vituperative, spittle-drenched bigotry.

WOW!...... did you get that?   So, to report  all those horrific things that Muhammad himself did or directly authorized/commanded is... "spittle drenched bigotry"  hmm I think this sad character has been trying to make the verbal equivalent of certain rather yucky Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

IMAGINE if someone wrote an article about Nazi death camps in Europe...  by Pericles logic, "You are 'stirring up hatred towards Germans/Nazis"  which is, I suppose, quite accurate, but more important, quite deserved! But I have never yet seen any of this morons posts that criticize anyone for recounting unpalatable historical facts about any movement or ideology OTHER than Islam, which makes me suspect strongly that he is either married to one, has a close relative who is one,  or some similar family connection that evokes his irrational babblings.  He seems to have no problem recounting the Inquisition or the Crusades.... not for a moment admitting that to do so might (by his logic) incite vicious hatred against Christians....nope...

CONCLUSION.  If you have someone like this raving idiot Pericles in your family circle, for goodness sake shun them to the outer regions of irrelevance.

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