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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Religion of North Korea ?

I chose my words carefully... I'm not referring to 'Religion IN.....North Korea"....I'm saying the Religion OF...NK.

Oh oh oh...you would be amazed!!  I learned things last weekend that would blow the mind of most Aussies. I'm afraid that for security reasons that's all I can say, but never never EVER think that just because a nation is 'closed' and run like North Korea, that there is no door open for spiritual truth.

The truth would simply stun you, and my source is impeccable and close to the action,... the way they have structured the personality cult .. is a 'trinity'. The NK leadership has clearly learned well from Rousseau's Social Contract about the need for some kind of 'civic' religion..but as with many things there are unintended consequences. If you knew those consequences you would smile, especially if you are Christian.

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