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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Queensland Election. PrettyChook vs OldMan

Forgive the mockery, but hey...Charlie did it and the world loves Charlie...right?

Just want to make a couple of points about this election in our fair state of "great one day, perfect the next".


-The bizarro Labor Government of Anna Blight spent it's way into near financial oblivion.
-Campbell Newman slashed and burned his way through the public service to the tune of 25,000 sackings.
-Campbell Newman is looking at selling off public assets to deal with Labor debt.
-This is the exact same scenario  that Victoria went through when, after a decade of Labor decadence and fiscal destruction... Jeff Kennet sacked 50,000 public servants, sold nearly all major state assets, and put the state back in the black.

-Alessandra PrettyChook, Labor leader is making a very interesting promise.  "No cuts to the public service"...hmmm now this is most fascinating, because Labor and the Left were outraged and animated when Newman culled the obviously bloated "Public" service, and the fact of their outrage suggests a lot about who might have lost their unnecessary jobs!

So the Chook is clearly agreeing that the Newman thrashing machine did the right thing to prune back the public service to PUBLIC service and not Labor functionary private profit.

What a backflip this is... Labor pledging not to bankrupt the state again?  Oh wait...they are not going to sell public assets!  This might be a sign of hope...or.... does it just mean that there will be some very sneaky and snide taxes contained in the fine print of their fiscal statement due out on Friday?

Time will tell.

As for you 'stupid masses' (yes...by and large that's what you are!) .. I wonder...will you actually believe and make your voting decision on the basis of cheap sound bites designed to buy your vote rather than fix the state?    Both of these majors and the minor is no better, in that the real reason they are their is to plunder the State!  Meaning, to restructure the economy in terms of their own support base and for it's benefit. Let's be clear though about one thing, the Left/Labor mob are total drongo's when it comes to making money, they are the 'spenders'.....the other mob might be doing it's share of plundering too, but they do it in a way that does save the State from fiscal purgatory.

Not much of a choice is it?  I'll put my hand up to be drafted by popular imperitive to fix not only the state but the nation as a whole.. but you might not really like what you get... because I'd abolish political parties, trade unions and hack into the public service like a mixmaster on a cakemix.  The whole system of government would be changed.

Here is a hint.   "Toward Principles of National Renewal for Australia"
Here is how you can take part!  "How you can change the world"  (*** warning *** for the faint hearted...this entry contains a video of a Hitler speech...SHOCK HORROR! (so I must be a Nazi...right?) WAIT.. it also contains a video of Martin Luther King Jr...hmmm so perhaps I'm a Civil Rights warrior? Make up your own mind. I don't care what you think.

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