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Friday, January 30, 2015

The NeuroScientific explanation for the Green and "Progressive" (Extremist) Phenomenon.

The simple fact is, that it is not 'ideas' that separate the political Left from the Right.   It's chemicals!

The Left often seems to be extremely irrational in their political and social policies, but many of them are quite intelligent if IQ and education are the measuring sticks. So....why would some smart and highly qualified people cling to irrational ideas (such as Marxist economics) in spite of overwhelming evidence to decide in favor of them being worn out, washed up and way out of line with human reality?

That condition, sad as it is, is a lack of Oxytocin and Vassopressin in the brains dopamine reward sub system. These chemicals are what give the longing for nuclear family, for genetic solidarity, for intimacy and empathy. In short they support Family Values.  In the absence of these  wonderful molecules of filial love,  people are apt to disregard the ideas of family, male female complementarity, honesty, respect, and excellence.  There is quite a bit written on this and I suggest you do some googling, but most I've seen does not say much about the political value system of those blighted with this chemical deficiency. (there are articles about it though)

Sarah Hanson-Young and the Greens are classic examples of chemical deficient individuals who have grouped together for mutual support in their bizarro world of  Climate change, Marxist theory and Animal Rights. I say "bizarro" because it is not the reality of those things I am challenging, it is the way these feral individuals use them for an entirely different socio political agenda.

An example is easily found. "Hans..the dyke is leaking...quick..call the dyke maintainance crew or we'll all be flooded"... Hans says to Dyke... "Ok.. while I'm calling them, you plug the gap with your finger or fist....."

Now that's was I call an appropriate response to an impending crisis. Is that how the recent G20 summit. President  Osama of the USA declared he is donating $3 billion dollars to kick off the UN climate fund.. and that is used for....?  Do you know?  Ya might take a moment to sus that one out!  Just one example is.. "helping to provide better water systems to third world nations" Hmmm... does that have anything to do with plugging the Dyke? err..no. It's purely about income and wealth redistribution.

Unfortunately for America, it is an  economic basket case at present. Don't believe me ? Look at THIS (the debt clock) Have a close look at the categories.... look especially hard at the 'debt per family'.... it's around a million dollars!!!  Now only a couple of things can happen hereafter.
i) The whole system will crash into a Mad Max netherworld of 'survival of the strongest'.
ii) America will realize it has to front up for it's frightful fiscal debt and pay it...leading to unparalleled poverty.

You see..the higher the debt the higher the interest. Each year.. the citizens of the USA have to pay $237 BILLION dollars in interest alone. Can you even begin to imagine what could be done with that amount of money going  INto the economy rather than OUT of it?  If it were not for the interest, you might be tempted to say "Wellll.... it's allll good.. it'll work out ok in the end"

Here we see the diabolical consequences  of the Liberal/progressive/Leftist chemically deficient mindset..it's outright dangerous for our present and future. Why does it not seem to bother these politicians in the White House? It's simple.. the nation can be (and is) going to hell in a handbasket but these politicians are based in 'safe seats' where they can rely on the consistent vote by people who rely on their  handouts.  Now...call that what you will...I'll call it by it's correct name.. "A ticking time bomb".

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