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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Impending Assasination of Eurico Guterres. (East Timor murderer living the high life on the Indo side of the Border)

American Sniper.

 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.(Gal 6:7-8)

 Jangan sesat! Allah tidak membiarkan diri-Nya dipermainkan. Karena apa yang ditabur orang, itu juga yang akan dituainya.

BACKGROUND. Eurico Guterrez is a former  pro Indonesia/integration militia radical who tried to halt the free vote for independence in East Timor. His cruelty knew no bounds. A typical tactic to bring populations in villages into submission was to approach a village, identify the strongest man in the village, and humiliate, beat and often kill him in the presence of the whole village. He has been facing various charges related to the many murders he is alleged to have committed, but seems to have evaded the full force of justice that would be appropriate for his crimes against humanity. There is a facebook page with his name, but I doubt it's really him....looks like one someone just put there for the sake of it.
He seems to be one of those people who thinks he can just 'get away with' whatever he want's to do, irrespective of the human carnage left behind. He is a complex character given his parents were killed by the Indonesian military but somehow he had a 'Road to Bali' conversion experience of changing his allegiance from Anti Indonesia to passionately 'pro'.... I suspect that he just calculated the odds, and saw an opportunity for a future where all he had to do was murder a few people for his Indonesian masters and went with that.

This is the story of his hypothetical assassination. It is a fictional account.

Darwin 2014 My name is Bob,  in 199I found myself with my wife in East Timur prior to the tragic events of  the Independence vote . My  heavily pregnant wife was among those who were holed up in a Church in Lequica when a paramilitary gang led by Eurico Guterrez arrived to murder approximately 200 people in cold blood,  my wife being one of them. Time has passed but the anger has not.

Prior to serving with an NGO in East Timor, I had been with the Australian intelligence services, dealing in matters that one cannot write much about. I received excellent training in weapons, martial arts and Information Technology.  I was able to use some of those skills in E.Timor to enhance the quality of life of the locals.

After my wife was murdered, I declined to continue on, as the sadness was overwhelming. Since returning to our Great South Land, I found myself in a kind of post traumatic stress/Vietnam vet syndrome. I occupied myself in various ways sometimes taking Martial Arts classes with some young people, other times being an IT hack, then just taking it easy and lazy in a quicksand of pathetic self pity ... but haunted by the memory of my wifes dismembered body, it became increasingly frustrating to find some kind of closure and to move on in life. It would never happen as long as Eurico Guterrez was alive and enjoying himself in a pampered lifestyle in West Timor.

Injustice is the ultimate 'ulcer' of the soul, and finally, I decided to rectify that one injustice and in so doing, probably give some well deserved payback for many other atrocities that happened around that time in E. Timor.

I needed to devise a plan and procedure, so the first thing I did was to get myself into shape, back to the gym, no to the bottle shop,or  anything that might drag me down physically or mentally was completely abandoned. I worked out more than not, building a lot of muscle mass and sharpening my wits along the way. I read and memorized many great speeches, including Martin Luther King's Dream speech.

Now for the plan. Having consulted my old friend who used to be Commanding Officer of the Defense Signals Directorate, and gleaned some vital information on the Indonesian Communications network,  I now need to formulate the plan.
Darwin has a large population of East Timorese refugees and migrants, and I'll find a willing partner among them.
I began frequenting night spots and clubs where E.Timorese go, and used casual conversation to detect any person who might fit the strenuous requirement of this mission. After numerous encounters I found the most ideal person.
He was only 30 yrs old, mature enough to have a level head, trained by Fretilin in Guerilla warfare, explosives and weapons, and had lost close relatives in the murderous rampage of Guterrez.  He was highly motivated, fit and sharp,- fit like a glove for this task. He speaks Indonesian and the Local Timor dialect fluently along with great English. His name is "Ganas".

Guterres was recently appointed as a high level public servant at a University in West Timor and we can find his address quite easily.  Ganas will be trained to blend in with the local scenery and population, and will arrive through the back door.. crossing borders incognito. We will set up a network of safe houses in certain villages along the way, but no one but the trusted individual will know the purpose of the mission. Ganas will be some 'distant relative by marriage' to most of them.

The ultimate goal will be carried out by the use of a video camera equipped Drone. A small but reliable type that is obtainable from Electronic stores.  Ganas will take with him a small lightweigh projectile launcher that can aim a poison tipped dart over a distance of around 50 meters, and the drone will be brought in in parts, packaged for a backpack. On arrival at Guterres's location, he will first gather intelligence about Guterres's habits and routines. Once this is a predictable pattern, he will wait for the right opportunity near Guterres's home or other place he regularly visits,  and the drone with projectile will be launched and  monitored by it's video camera and when Guterres is looking up and the 'interesting flying object' it will unleash the poison dart into his body ensuring a horrific painful but certain death.

Ganas will then return to Australia in a covert journey as an ordinary but very happy person.

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