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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The End is Near.... Stand firm!

Sounds a bit foreboding right?   You can imagine the atmosphere in the World when, like in the opening of "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" a horrific virus (perhaps Ebola) is gaining a foothold and no one really knows if it will be defeated.... yes...that kind of doom. 

But I speak more about the social engineering going on that is as close to tyranny as it gets without the name.  When a modern government wants to have 'total control' of your lives they do it in two ways: i) First they use the Media to 'manage' your private opinion so that ultimately 'public' opinion is acceptable for their goals and ambitions. ii) Then they identify all elements that might shed some moral light on their nefarious activities and try to scuttle them with the torpedo of 'politically correct' language, and classic propaganda methods that Edward Bernays made famous in the 20s.

Example... if you don't want to have Christian schools, you can use the sledgehammer approach, ban them and watch as 'the people' become aggravated, irritated, and plain angry.... or.. you can just white ant their viability with cute phrases about performance etc.... like this:

One of the complaints aimed at the Durham school, which has 94 pupils and struggled to fill places, was that governors were too bothered about “religious credentials” when recruiting, rather than looking for candidates with excellent leadership and teaching skills. In addition, the inspection team found the school was failing to prepare pupils for modern Britain. The report said: “Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.”

I could rant a full sermon length attack on  each of those highlighted words, but the one which worries me most is this...
1) Failing to prepare students for modern Britain
2) Some students hold discriminatory views.....

I'd like you to think about that in all seriousness and open mindedness...and then...have a read of the quote below:

(Edward Bernays-"Propaganda")

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