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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Curious Mental Illness of the Political Left.

In short it boils down to a lack of oxytocin and vasopressin in the brain.  These are part of the dopomine reward system and are strongly related to a persons socio political outlook.

The classic symptom of "Left wing Languish" is that they 'anguish' over things which can only be explained by a deficiency in the brain chemistry of the above mentioned chemicals.  Example..

i) Muslims embark on a campaign of murder and mayhem.
ii) Leftist Response... "attack white racism, blame social disadvantage and defend Muslims"

Now clearly, this is an absurd response that is not only philosophically incorrect, sociologically misguided it is also theologically empty.  Can you imagine that a group of swastika wearing brutes beat up some immigrant youths and the Left NOT screaming and raging at all 'National Socialists' ?  Oh wait... they will say "But we know them by their history, the holocaust and all that"....oh really?  So...... "every" person wearing a swastika was a cruel guard at a concentration camp ? I hardly think that. Many of them were simply 'state employees' who had to wear the  official uniform. They were clerks and machine operators and stamp lickers. How can anyone tar all of them with the same brush? 

It comes down to the ideas on which National Socialism is based, and the history of their implementation.  You can only evaluate a movement by it's ideas and how they are put into practice by those who run the show. The same is true of religion. It is very easy to detect differences between the 'ideas' and the practice and the Roman Catholic Church is a good example..in the matter of child abuse.  Australia is having a royal commission into this now, but no matter what they find,  (and it's plenty and awful) they can never connect such evil behavior with the teaching or example of Christ who is the model and maker of the Church itself.

In the case of Islam, without boring you with proof texts, it's abundantly clear that both their history and their ideology strongly support the need for outright condemnation of all forms of Islam today. (with the exception of Ahmadiya which is not really Muslim, it's a kind of syncrotistic mixture, but has renounced violence)

So, if the facts do not support the Leftist reaction to Islamic extremism, what does?  Well....rather than get bogged down in a long discussion of Marxism and it's fragility, I'll just say that it's a can of dirty grubby historical and philosophical worms that can consume a lot of time. In  a nutshell, Marx lived a privileged upper middle class lifestyle on the capitalist trust fund of Engels, and pontificated from his plush pad about the plight of 'the working class' that he never knew or experienced from his own life of luxury and privilege.

His ideas don't hold water, even though he did manage to demonstrate moments of literary brilliance in his battles with other academics. But the mentally challenged Left have picked up on his work, and a running madly along with it, hoping one day to take power from those who currently have it and then become despots themselves, enjoying the privileges they denounce and despise in the 'establishment' today.

Discussing politics with a committed leftist is like arguing Christianity with a Jehovah's witness, or Islam with a Salafist or Wahabi Muslim.

Perhaps in days to come, we can heal the mental deficiency of the Left with injections of Oxytocin and Vasopressin directly into their brains.... we can only hope.

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