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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Germany-The chilling shift from Victorious pride and confidence to catastrophic fear and dismay. 1945 and 2015

130,000 German soldiers in the 9th Army faced approximately 2.5million Soviet troops at the river Oder in 1945.
Gone was the sweet smell of military success, absent was the smiling of boisterous soldiers, and if they did now smile, it was with a cold paralyzing fear lurking in the eyes.

In those days Germany faced what might be called the reaping of the harvest of what they had sown under the Nazi regime.  Driven by the drooling lust for territory in which to expand the Aryan nation,  destroying local populations without mercy, leaving a level of carnage you cannot imagine in your worst nightmares.....but then... it all turned around, and they discovered that if you push people to the brink of survival, they will do all they can to repel and defeat your greedy advances. Yes, the Russians had lost uncountable soldiers in army after broken army, but they had 2 things the Germans did not.....first an inexhaustible supply of manpower, and second.."no alternative".

There is no fear like the fear of one who has done horrific wrong and evil, who now knows that his judgement day approaches from the side of those he wronged. That was then......

Today, Germany faces a new enemy, and this time the German people are on the right side. They are simply striving to retain their culture, protect their people, and defend their liberty.  Today also there is a new foe, one from within. That enemy seems ominous, seems so large and so powerful so as to be impossible to defeat.  That enemy is the German Government itself, apparently 'under orders' from forces outside the nation, to allow the influx of non Germans at a rate higher than any other European country.  Along with the overall flood of so called 'refugees', there is a very large contingent of Muslims.

It is seen as 'xenophobic' by the powerful progressive politically correct government for one to criticize this massive invasion which is worse than the Soviet one in 1945.  They seem to have forgotten that Germany barely survived a much earlier invasion by the Romans. The government does not call it an invasion, because that would be divisive. The almighty dollar is also a factor.. German industry needs labor, because Germans are not having many children, so some elements within the German business community want more immigration not less.

The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (German: Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald, Hermannsschlacht or Varusschlacht), described as clades Variana (the Varian disaster) by Roman historians, took place in Teutoburg Forest in 9 CE, when an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed and decisively destroyed three Roman legions and their auxiliaries, led by Publius Quinctilius Varus. The anti-Roman alliance was led by Arminius, who had acquired Roman citizenship and received a Roman military education, allowing him to personally deceive the Roman commander and foresee the Roman army's tactical responses.
Despite several successful campaigns and raids by the Roman army in the years after the battle, they never again attempted to conquer Germanian territory east of the Rhine River. The Germanic against the Roman legions in the Teutoburg forest had a far-reaching effect on the subsequent history of both the ancient Germanic peoples and on the Roman Empire. Modern historians have regarded Arminius' victory as "Rome's greatest defeat" and one of the most decisive battles in history. During the Unification of Germany in the 19th century, Arminius became hailed as a symbol of German unity and freedom. Following World War II however, information about Arminius and his victory was omitted from the German textbooks, and most modern Germans don't know about Arminius (wikipedia)

Not only to most modern Germans NOT know about Arminius, they also don't even know about the Bavarian revolution, nor the names and ethnicities of those who tried to take over Germany in the name of the Communist Soviet Union.  Can you imagine how a modern German would feel if say Berlin was renamed "The Soviet Socialist City of Berlin"?  Make no mistake, there are feral freaks hard at work today just as they were in Bavaria back then aiming for their own version of the USSR/Berlin but today they are more like wolves in sheeps "Progressive" clothes.  They learnt long ago that direct confrontation usually fails, so they are taking the Fabius Maximus approach (from where Fabian Socialism took it's name and strategy..."gradualist erosion of indigenous cultures")

There is a dark cloud coming over Europe... a curtain... a wall... they are all happening. Sometimes a man and indeed his nation needs to step up out of the  immediate place in history and look with an overview  and broad panorama of the centuries.  This is one such time.

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