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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Approval and Permission to Speak?

In Christian circles, even evangelical ones, there is a tendency for congregations to become the focus of social power for a particular influential family, or a few of them.   I've been in such a Church where it all started well, but over time, there was a hardly noticeable but very definite 'trend' towards the young and single of certain prominent   families to inter marry into other influential families.

I found myself a bit surprised when a lady from a new ('prominent/active') family in our Church was suddenly appointed a 'Deacon'....and when I realized how that family was connected to others in leadership, (her daughter was engaged to the son of the Pastor mentioned in a moment)  I pretty much decided that this had become an unhealthy environment to ever hope for objective and truly Spirit led fellowship. We had a young bloke appointed Elder, and he is married to the daughter of one of the Pastors, who is by default in eldership, and another deacon who, while introducing a segment of the Annual General meeting, said.. "Now we come to the confirmation of the Deacons nominated by the Elders (one of whom was his wifes father).. if any of the Deacons fails to be confirmed then....(uncomfortable pause)... well.. I dont know what would happen then....(another pause)..however.. we can now proceed to the vote."    Another nail in the coffin of this Church as far as I was concerned.

When this level of family interconnection prevails, it becomes less and less focused on the Biblical mandate for mission and more on preserving a power structure and protecting family social interests.  Thus, suggestions for mission related activities are 'filtered' through the lens of  "will this, or could this hurt or embarrass the family somehow?" and 'evangelism' is reduced to tokenism, and what  is often called 'In Drag' rather than Out Reach.

This link has a very good summary of what goes on.

As for me, I prefer not to seek  permission  or approval from pontificating cozy comfortable hypocrites enjoying an extended family  picnic at the bottom of a tree, for me to climb up that tree and go out on a possibly dangerous and precarious  limb for Christ.
Give me a prayer meeting where the members come together from being battered, beaten, bruised and bent but not  broken or defeated by the attacks of the powers of darkness.  Nothing is more spiritually insipid than getting together with a few others who's biggest concern of the night is Aunt Mary's sore toe or a sniffle of one of the participants or that their nephew will 'do well in his exams'. I'd rather be kicking down the gates of hell,  running a rescue team within a meter of hell and it's minions than sitting cozy a million miles away from all that.

Perhaps one reason that the major  issue or 'prayer point'  at some prayer meetings is someone's sniffle, is because no one has ventured out where Satan even cares what you are doing!  If a bunch of so called Christians gather for comfy prayer times having done nothing much to pray about, Satan is quite relaxed I'd say. He continues his serious work through the likes of Billionaire George Soros in undermining and dismantling our freedom to have fellowship in our own Countries! 

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