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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sorry Fox News, but Anjem Choudery is RIGHT!

Well...that was an anguishing experience.. Gretchen Carlson on Fox "the Real Story"  trotted out the tamest pet Muslim woman you've ever seen to counter the claim of British Islamist Anjem Choudery that the Paris killings were justified. He siad "Islam is not about peace, but about submission to the law of Allah"... which brought about a somewhat apoplectic reaction from the sentimentalists in the western narrative, including the right wing Fox who scrambled to quickly find a token Muslim who was a better reflection of the kind of Muslim the misguided West 'wants' to have.

The Muslim woman,   Raquel Evita Saraswati fits the Fox mould quite well..'cute' tame, and friendly.
She says "Choudary does not speak for me or any other Muslim I know" ...and I think thats a given...but the more important question is.."Does SHE speak for true Islam?"  Clearly not.   But her warm fuzzy, tame, friendly image and interview will interest those who 'want' Islam to be as she expresses it, rather than how Choudary does.

Now lets be real here.....looking at those two faces, which one will be more likely to implant in  you the raw truth?
Choudary is the loser in that race, but taking the faces aside, it is Choudary who speaks for Islam, not Raquel, who seems to be a part of some pseudo Lefty/progressive group that wants to reshape Islam in the Marxian/progressive spirit.  Choudary is 'right' about real Islam, but Islam itself is so wrong and evil it defies description. (but if you want one, just ask for it in the comments section below!)

The reader is advised to use your fingers and keyboard to sus out the truth from the original sources.  Here are a couple you might like to contemplate.

Quran chapter 9  (read all of it, but the most relevant bits are the verses up to 30)
Hadith Muslim book 1 Begin reading from number 29, then click to the next page/group and read on numbers 30, 31, 32 and 33  see exactly how Muhammad saw his own mission and that of Islam.

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