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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Should the German "Right" support Muslims?

The usual mental association dished out by Western Media  about the German Political 'Right'  is that it is neo Nazi.
Logically, a Neo Nazi group will despise Jews and be anti semitic.
Islamic groups are rabidly anti Semitic.
Logically, on the basis of these facts, (IF) we can make an tentative inductive conclusion that (THEN) it stands to reason that the German political 'Right' should be in lock step with the anti semitic Muslims.

This is not the case though, and we need to ask why?  PEGIDA is a new kid on Germany's political block, gaining momentum by the day,  and it is "anti Islamist".

Now the important question, and the answer to it will show you how much you are or are not an original thinker and how much your opinions have been shaped by very powerful large forces in Government and Media.
That question is:  "Why is PEGIDA anti Muslim rather than pro?"  It's very simple if you realize that millions of Germans believe Islam is dangerous.

(Reuters) - Only about one third of Germans think positively of their Muslim neighbors, a much lower proportion than in other western European countries, according to a new poll published on Thursday.
In contrast, 62 percent of Dutch and 56 percent of French people responding to the TNS Emnid survey indicated they had positive attitudes toward Muslims.

Clearly, the government is out of touch with the people. Hence the rise of PEGIDA.  I suggest that this article/survey is loaded to the neck with  leading questions,...that are designed to provide a basis for 'you are racist' allegations later on.   Why would you ask people how they view their Muslim 'neighbour' rather than "what do you think of Islam?"

Detlef Pollack, a Muenster University sociologist who led the study, attributed Germans' views to their lack of contact with Muslims compared to people in other nations surveyed.

Do you see it? The questions are designed to provide a platform for weird sociologists to attack Germans for their 'racist' attitudes. He explains the responses in terms of "Well, if you knew more Muslims you would not see them so negatively".    It's not the issue!

The only 'issue' that they should be working on is how much to people know  about Islam and why they disapprove of it?  It is absurd in the extreme to say that "If you knew more about Islam you would not react so negatively"  because it is "Islam", the religion that hacks of peoples hands and permits a man who have many wives and concubines and to beat his wives if he suspects them of being naughty. It also permits sexual slavery and many other unpalatable things which I will not bore you with here.  It also murders those who leave their faith, in fact just two days ago I dialogued with some salafist Muslims doing 'street da'wa/in Melbourne and they were adamant about the death penalty for apostasy.  

CONCLUSION Pegida is quite within it's demographic and political rights to view Islam and all "Islam friendly" political policies very negatively. Perhaps this is why it is experiencing growth from right thinking Germans.

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