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Friday, January 9, 2015

Rules of (dis)Engagement- a show about poverty.

Moral and spiritual poverty.

I need a shower!  I've just endured the last 10 minutes of "Rules of Engagement" while waiting for a show that has some merit to come on.  How do you describe the feeling of dirt, sleaze, depravity, debauchery and so on that comes from a few minutes of just watching a show?  So how do I feel this way about RoE?

It's pretty simple, I've watched bits and pieces of it, and had to watch the promo's from time to time, but you can see the awful impact of this show on the characters when you contrast them with previous shows where the same people play different characters. David Spade was absolute 'magic' in "Just Shoot me"...the whole show was well written comedy, and performed wonderfully.   Spade was a sleaze in that show, but more of a 'yapping puppy' trying to be a big dog in the world of scoring.  Now...in Rules, he is overweight...old....bedraggled and I doubt that the suicide of his oft times comedic co star Chris Farley had no impact on him.

Then there is one of the girl in Rules....Bianca Kajlich. Certainly a beautiful lady, but she seems to have become rather bent and broken over time, and now looks overweight, sad, lost her innocence (such as it might have been).. at least she seems to have begun the show with a child like purity in those eyes... but now?  she looks like a porn star has been, who began with bright eyes of and the hope of making fast money with a goal of becoming financially independent, thinking that she can survive this short stint in sleazeville,  but found that she became just a used up old piece of flesh, meat... because of being turned into a 'useful object' for the real money makers like Vivid's Steven Hirsch. Now she faces the prospect that if she ever marries and has children, they can see 'mummy' in all her porn glory and so can all the other children at school!

The plot of RULES seems to be only about one thing... bouncing from one sex incident to the other, and round and round it goes. I mean...come on!   how many times can you eat a Strawberry before they become a bit ordinary? I overdosed on Pineapple once in the Air Force (the Mess hall provided great bins of fruit for the troops) and have never been the same since...about Pineapple.  Bringing a show down to the  lowest possible lewd denominator is pretty lazy TV and to any advertiser out there... I sure won't be watching it..

So here's a rule.. I am DISengaged from ever watching that ridiculous empty soul destroying show.

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