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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Now is the time for a Plan and a Process! (Anti Islamic Protests-Germany)

This is no time to indulge in the luxury of cooling off. Nor is it time to take the tranquilizing drug of denial. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy, now is the time to rise up from the dark and desolate valley of political ignorance to the sunlit path of  common sense and balanced thinking. Now is the time to lift the nation up out of the quicksand of political and social stupidity and onto the solid rock of national brotherhood based on genuine enduring ideology.

“If political correctness means that facts can no longer be called by their name,” he concluded, “then society is robbing itself of a viable future.” (writer Peter Schneider)

**** WARNING ****  


By far the greatest danger facing central Europe today is the momentum of reactionary social unrest coupled with an absence of solid political doctrine.  Social dissatisfaction is like a time bomb.  It ticks away...tick...tick...tick... then some event occurs which causes the accumulated anger to suddenly explode onto the national stage with a huge and uncoordinated unrestrained mass of people going in every direction. I note with interest that PEGIDA the group behind the mass anti Islamist protests does have a 19 point plan...this is to be commended! I'd link to it but the only available version is in German. The only thing Pegida lacks now is a stunning symbol/flag.

Such are the rather spontaneous anti Islamist protests occurring in Germany:

Pegida growth: (notice how the Left is suddenly looking hysterical and glazed eyed?)

Then there is the English Defence League which is much more organized yet still lacks a 'pro active' agenda. It is characterized more by reaction than originality.  It also needs... a plan!

The primary reason for the success of the National Socialists in Germany between 1919 and 1932 when Hitler was actually elected, was their dogged determination to deliver their 25 point plan to the nation. Their 25 points included some rather brutal ones and ultimately led to some horrific examples of barbarity, so whatever the 'points' are, they must be chosen for the best good for the most people. (classic utilitarianism)

****THE PLAN****

This is not the place to provide detail, but  in general terms the following must take place.

  •  A National Charter to be established and to which government is accountable.
  • Loyalty to the Nation is non negotiable and required. (Love it or leave)
  • End all Islamic immigration, ban mosques and minarets, prayer halls and the sale of Islamic literature.
  • Teach all citizens about the true nature of this religion. (it's dark side)
  • Teach students about history in a non filtered way. 
  • Teach  inclusive Nationalism without notions of  racial superiority or 'manifest destiny' that exceeds existing national boundaries.
  • Teach and promote family values.
  • Teach the flaws of socialism, by careful analysis.
  • Teach the dangers of unrestrained capitalism.
  • Re-shape the Economy in terms of National Interest rather than private wealth for politically powerful segments of the community.
  • Abolish Trade Unions and incarcerate all their executives, organizers and senior functionaries.
  • Establish an enhanced Ombudsman dept (to replace Unions)
  • Teach the history of philosophy and the implications of various systems.
  • All citizens will be required to undergo physical, military and national interest training for a specified period.
  • Economic renewal through National vision and facilitation.

"The Century of the Self."
This documentary is probably the single most important piece of  information that any person can see.(in the non theological arena) But you need to view it with an open mind..... as a learning tool. Don't look for reinforcement of your existing prejudices (Left or Right), just 'observe' and learn then reflect on the above info in this entry.

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