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Sunday, January 4, 2015

NewsWeek's Kurt Eichenwald...a tortured individual?

"The Bible, so misunderstood, it's a sin" is the title of an article the less than scholarly Eichenwald has dropped onto the journalistic stage like a sack of smelly rotten Abalone.    In this article, he charactures all Christians by the classic "bad behavior of a few"...which is probably the very same allegation he and his ilk would make if someone (a Christian or a Republican) condemned Islam for the kinds of things ISIS are doing now.    As they say....the sin we hate the most in others is the one we have ourselves!

But this article tells us more about Eichenwald than the New Testament.  Consider the mans background..he had a concussion in his college years that left him with daily grand mall epileptic siezures. Do you suspect there might have been times when he asked God to heal him from this debilitating condition?  I've done that... but in my case I was actually healed (a fractured elbow) and it was instantaneous. I prayed that my mum would not die of a strangling cancer, but she did...  But this isn't about me, it's about Eichenwald. All I'm saying is that awful experiences of life can shape our attitudes to issues.

Eichenwald uses a very weak point in Luke 3:16 to quote one example, and I suggest you read it in the NIV first, then read his understanding and opinion about it.  Seems to me a complete non issue ... not even a mild gust of wind of a storm in a tea cup... so his approach drives me to ask..."What" is driving him?

I'm guessing that as his main academic pursuit was Political Science and his obvious disdain for all things Republican,  he is really operating on a socio political agenda in this Bible Attack piece. Make of his article what you will, it could either reinforce your existing anti Christian prejudices, or, because his piece is so laughably weak, it might gently guide you to question those prejudices.  I hope it's the latter.

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