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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Muslim Tide in Europe/No Go zones? Phooey "It's all a myth" says Doug Saunders on CNN!

and...the first thing we should do before looking at what Doug Saunders says to Fareed Zakaria on CNN is.....where does Saunder come from ideologically and politically?

His column, Reckoning, appears on Saturdays in the newspaper's Focus section, and is generally devoted to intellectual and ideological concepts behind the news, from a political perspective that is broadly rooted ideologically in social democracy and economically in liberalism; (Wikipedia)

In other words, Saunders is one of those 'progressive' morons who see the world through the futile and flawed lens of a damaged psychology, a distorted history and paralyzed political science.

Let's look at just ONE massive lie and untruth that he brazenly trotted out just now on CNN.

"There are no Muslim controlled no go zones in France"

Well ...don't believe my rant...how about a description of the violence in 2005 from something called the SSRC (Social Science Research Council, a left wing organization)

On October 27, 2005, two French youths of Malian and Tunisian descent were electrocuted as they fled the police in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.  Their deaths sparked nearly three weeks of rioting in 274 towns throughout the Paris region, France, and beyond (see maps, pictures, and graphs here.)  The rioters, mostly unemployed teenagers from destitute suburban housing projects (the cités HLM) caused over €200 million in damage as they torched nearly 9000 cars and dozens of buildings, daycare centers, and schools.  The French police arrested close to 2900 rioters; 126 police and firefighters were injured, and there was one fatality – a bystander who died after being struck by a hooded youth.

We need to more accurately define "No Go Zone"....the French government classifys areas according to their security sensitivity. There are 751 such places. It does not mean 'no one can go there' other than Muslims, but it does mean that with the slightest trigger, masses of youths will try to terrorize and fight with the emergency services.


According to this drongo Saunders.. Malmo, Sweden is not a 'no go' zone... ok... let the Swedish authorities speak about this:

Ok...perhaps that video was made for a nefarious biased reason....let's try this one:

Friends...(and enemies).... I think the case is made in the affirmative...there 'ARE' Muslim dominated/controlled no go zones in various European countries.

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