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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Massacre at the Paris Coral.....Mayhem in Merkel's Dresden.

Paris... 12 men down.  World leaders rushing for relevance, scrambling for spokespeople, desperate for deliverance!

By now we all know about this. 12 people murdered in the name of Prophet Muhammad,  and now we get the predictable hypocrisy of 'World Leaders' such as David Cameron declaring solidarity with France in this difficult time, and adding "We stand in absolute solidarity with France for free speech and democracy"...

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Wednesday the attack in Paris had nothing to do with Islam.
"Islamic extremists and Islamic terror are something entirely different from Islam," he said. "It is immensely important to underscore that difference on a day like today."

What you just read above is an example of what is termed the Mohawk Valley Formula for 'strike breaking', but applied here, as it can be anywhere, to undesired 'factions' in the public space. Here are some elements of it:

  1. When a strike(Protest) is threatened, label the union (Protest)  leaders as "agitators" to discredit them with the public and their own followers. Conduct balloting under the foremen to ascertain the strength of the union and to make possible misrepresentation of the strikers as a small minority. Exert economic pressure through threats to move the plant, align bankers, real estate owners and businessmen into a "Citizens' Committee".
  2. Raise high the banner of "law and order", thereby causing the community to mass legal and police weapons against imagined violence and to forget that employees have equal rights with others in the community.
  3. Call a "mass meeting" to coordinate public sentiment against the strike and strengthen the Citizens' Committee.
 Just replace the words 'strike' and 'union leaders' with "Protest" and "Protest leaders" and Bob's your uncle... you have the background to de Maiziere's comment above.

What I DO want to emphasize is the abject hypocrisy of these leaders.  Next time the English Defense League steps out on the streets to denounce 'Militant Islam'...Cameron will be calling them a bunch of sicko's.  Labor politicians will be screaming "You are divisive".   But somehow I think the EDL (and similar movements) have the edge here.
I don't think you could get an event much more 'divisive', than 3 men screaming Allahu Akbar and mowing down journalists with AK47s in Paris!

THE LEFT will be leaping to their banners in a 'Le Mans' like start and launching out into the streets to scream hysterically against 'racism' that they regard any protest against Islam  to come from. In my 'new world order' I will be setting up large accommodation centers for 'mental remediation' for the lunatic left.

I have a feeling though, that the recent anti Islam marches in Germany by 'hooligans' will be ramping up again soon.

'FREEDOM OF SPEECH and DEMOCRACY' in David Camerons 'gulag'.... just have a close look at this vid and see exactly what happens to Tommy Robinson (EDL leader at the time) and how the police react to him being assaulted.

Gone are the days of  a few hundred EDL members on the streets.. Germany just witnessed 15,000 (which began with only 200 a while back) in Dresden making their voices known.. "We are the people" (‘Wir sind das Volk’)

How did Angela Merkel react to this?
The chancellor had earlier warned that a right to demonstrate did not extend to “rabble-rousing and defamation” against foreigners.  Merkel said that those participating in the protests should “take care not to be exploited” by radical elements trying to tap into fears of a foreigner takeover in Germany.

Good one Ange! Oh...that was before the Paris Islamist Massacre.

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