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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mario Cuomo-Dead

And I hope that with his demise, his whacky idealist 'peace'  ideas die with him. (Oh that we should be so lucky!)

He was touted as a possible Presidential Candidate for this  speech, in which he used yet another micro shallow sound bit that resonates with unthinking masses, but would not stand for a moment under the critical gaze and scrutiny of a thinking person.

"Peace is better than war, because life is better than death"

Delivered with passion and conviction. But at the same time, there were people on his side of politics saying "Better RED than dead!"  "We can survive into the future by adopting a not undemocratic socialism".

There is a much more preferable alternative to the better Red than dead rant.. "Better to defeat them, destroy them, debilitate them so they are no longer a threat, now and forever more".

You cannot reason with any of the following:

-Allah told me.
-Marx told me.
-Hitler told me.

There is only one kind of 'peaceful resolution' that these ideologically driven whacko's want...the one where they rule you.

Fortunately for mankind....there is one great figure who changed the world more than any other, yet without violence or a gun or a sword... and in that case his teaching and example both are impossible to construe in a way that leads the follower to a path of domination of others by violence. No one can ever say..."Jesus told me... taught me... showed me" for that kind of life. They can say all those things for good outcomes...

Jesus told me to love
Jesus taught me to be patient.
Jesus showed me that self sacrifice is better than personal glory and selfish ambition.
Jesus told, taught and showed all of us that God...the One True God... looks on all mankind with love, not hate.

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