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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Lazy" not to connect the Paris attacks with Islam (British Muslim MP)

Britain’s first elected Muslim Cabinet minister has said it is ‘lazy’ to claim Islam had nothing to do with last week’s terror attacks in France. (source)

It's not only lazy, it's recklessly irresponsible! At least this time we have it from the 'horses' mouth.  

PEGIDA is still on the rise, (Dresden/Germany) and I hope they continue to use the slogan 

"We are the People".  

"Wir sind das Volk"

Charlie Ebdo is planning to do a mega edition lampooning 'Prophet Muhammad'.  Do you hear any voices from Government or the Left  denouncing them as 'racists' ? Nope... because Charlie IS a leftist publication.  But when it comes to PEGIDA? Aah...that double standard and despicable discrimination raises it's ugly head of condemnation.

So, may I suggest we now formulate a new slogan which combines both slogans and both languages.

"Wir sind, das volk,  Jes Sius Charlie"

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