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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Keep your eye on Michaelia Cash and Tony Abbott. (and Peta inCredible is not far behind)

My neighbour once said that he missed out on a few promotions, and he started asking 'why'....then an office associate told him.."Keith, you're on the wrong tram mate!".... these were the days of Catholic Protestant animosity and religious ethnocentrism in Australia. Keith was not Catholic.

Is Tony Abbott engaging in a "Catholicisation"  of Government?

Most of us think those days have long gone.....but have they?  I've been watching rapidly rising Liberal party star Michaelia Cash for some time now. She is clearly a woman of passion, intellect and drive, and she is rushing up the ranks as fast as Mr Rabbit can lift her.   Now most of us know that Mr Abbott is a rather passionate Catholic, and don't you kinda wonder about those he might try to 'lift' up... to the exclusion of non Catholics in the Government?

Cash is an interesting case in point. According to the grand Jedi Wikipedia, she was educated at Iona Presentation College.. a quick check of that name reveals it is a Catholic college. So, we can presume with a reasonable degree of confidence that Ms Cash is...Catholic.

Now another little bit of a red flag struck me at the Liberal Launch in Western Australia... Mr Abbott was making his way along a line of the faithful and placing a peck on the cheeks of the Liberal chicks... until he came to Ms Cash..where it was full on lips and grips.  It stood out as an 'unusual' degree of intimacy in that context but the look on her face seem to signal more than just distant familiarity.  I think we should pay some close attention to the backgrounds of people Mr Abbott promotes and advances because the 'religious' card might be well and truly in his hand.

Let me be clear, I don't suspect or suggest that there is any 'funny business' going on or even likely to go on between Mr Abbott and Ms Cash, that's not the angle of this entry, but I sense there is some kind of 'connection' that is much stronger than our limited access to background information currently informs us. It might be some family, or old school, or ..well...who knows? Perhaps Ms Cash was just energised so much by her rapid rise through the ranks and Mr Abbott simply symbolized that success to her ?

I know the constitution says there should be no religious test for public office (s116).. fine...but it does not say the Prime Minister cannot hand pick people who he wants to have a bigger voice in his government..... so... *think* about how he might wave the wand of promotion in that situation?

Let's look at Peta Credlin also... hmmmm looking just a tad fishy now... where was she educated ???  ah hah!...it was.. 'sacred heart college' in Geelong.  That sounds very very 'Catholic' to me.   I wonder if this kind of thing is behind the current ruffled feathers in his largely Protestant (?) Cabinet?  I'd love to know just how many people of Catholic background Mr Abbott is advancing over and above what might normally be expected?

Now let's look at....Christopher Pyne... quickie background check reveals he was educated at:

Saint Ignatius' College, Adelaide, is a co-educational Catholic day school located in Adelaide, South Australia

Let the SMH (not my rag of choice) do the math...here it is:

Catholics are in power this Easter, with the highest proportion of ministers of that faith occupying senior positions in a Coalition government. Of the 19 cabinet ministers, at least eight are Catholics, nearly double the proportion of Catholics in the general population.
The Prime Minister Tony Abbott as well as his Treasurer, finance, trade, communications, education, agriculture and social services ministers are Catholics 

The problem with this type of religious nepotism is that  you cannot 'see' it by just looking at the people. They are all white, seemingly of the same racial background, but some might be Irish, others English and some Scottish with all the historical axons that that brings.

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