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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hollande Lied: "Paris attacks have nothing to do with the Muslim Reliigon"

Bear with me...we'll get there.

Yesterday was quite eventful. I visited a military base with a number of other friends and former colleagues. Among them was a former Defence Signals Directorate Commanding officer (Ret)  who had a 'close' relationship with our own Australian defense satellite deployment. Others held positions in National Security.  We were shown around and informed by a high ranking individual who looks after around 700 Defense personnel.  He explained in remarkable detail how much of our Defense system works, and of his time in Afghanistan.

Some of the information we were exposed to was quite sensitive militarily, but we all have a high security clearance.  We went to where our old barracks were..and stood on the now vacant land in the places where our rooms were, on the remaining outline of the foundation... quite an emotional time.  Many memories flooded in.

Then in the evening at a function room in Melbourne, we viewed some images of the huts taken while they were still standing. We were billeted in 2 huts, 450 and 451.  Then we saw an image of another hut, the drill instructors office and small assembly area where we would gather each morning for 'parade' before heading off to a technical institute in the City for training.  Although the image was of an empty parade ground, and the office empty, I saw plenty. I saw myself in 1966 having been called around to that office one morning by an angry second year member. Just before this I'd witnessed a fellow serviceman from my year sullenly walking along what we called 'the covered way' between barracks. He was wet from head to toe.   He was followed by a couple of senior year members who were laughing.

My mate had experienced a 'royal flush' (head into the toilet bowl then flushed). I was a bit peed off by this stage and suggested it takes 3 of them to do that dog act to one of ours. (not a wise choice of words in that period) They weren't going to let that go unchallenged, and hence the call on the PA system for me to front up at the drill instructors office.  I asked what the issue was and one of those 'flushers' came over, grabbed my shirt front and king hit me in the face without warning. (while about 25 of his mates looked on laughing)  I saw stars and was badly shaken, and he proceeded to drag me down to the ablution block to demonstrate that 'It only takes one of them' to give me a royal flush.

Blood was streaming down my uniform shirt front, my nose was awfully painful, and it was all I could do to gather my wits. Then he pushed me into the cubicle, and spat out the words.."Get your f***ng head in that bowl!"   By this time, I was finished with 'compliance' and snapped. (I'd also been doing weight lifting for the past 6 months) I hammered my elbow into his solar plexus and the sound of his shriek was like music to my ears!  Then, as they say, "It was on for young and old" .. a full on life and death struggle  for dominance with a bloke who was well known as a street fighter. He was fighting for social dominance, I was fighting for my life... so I fought damn hard, and to make a long story short, other than the blood nose he gave my by surprise I ended up with no other marks and he had two very black eyes for the next week, along with a good dose of humiliation. Life suddenly took on a sweeter quality, because I'd stood up to him!!!!

Moving ahead now, to yesterday.  After a good lunch with the former 'troops'.... I and my wife came back to the City centre. While waiting for the evening banquet, with time to kill, I and my wife parked our vehicle, and sauntered off to the State Library where 'it all happens' (protests etc).  I started to think I was in a dream, because all over the  place were huge furry animals... (people in costume)  I mean... there was like 8 out of 10 passers by all dressed like this.... quite surreal, I found that this was some 'on line community' that had chosen that night to hold an impromptu convention.  After taking a few snaps, I noticed a small group of Muslims who were engaged in street 'Da'wa' (calling people to Islam) Recognizing one from past encounters, I approached them and suggested that they were a bit over the top coming out on the street the day after the Paris massacre! That didn't have any impact, other than to elicit a monologue of 'party line' verbiage about why I should become a Muslim.

I told this bloke (Indian background) that what happened in Paris was entirely consistent with his faith and the example of his prophet... he didn't argue with me on that. Having had a lot of experience with Muslims in the past, and having studied Islam for over 2 decades now,  I know the questions to ask to dig down to the real deal of what they believe.  Without going into boring detail, our conversation concluded with a convincing picture of their mindset that is no different from the Paris Attackers. (These blokes are Salafists) Now, finally to the connection to this entries heading.. Hollande's remarks about Islam.

Islam's prophet Muhammad, sent a hit squad to murder a poet named Ka'b bin Al Ashraf because he mocked Islam and the prophet. (Charlie Hebdo!) So, (please check the link) it is patently absurd and evidently evil  for Hollande to say "this has nothing to do with the Muslim religion"....that is a prime example of "Political truth" (a useful and convenient falsehood) where the worrying element is that if Hollande is ignorant of the incident in Mohammad's life, he does not know enough to properly deal with future threats from the Muslim community, he simply does not understand the religion. That raises questions about his suitability to be a head of state.   If he does in fact know the reality, but chooses to deny it and present a complete lie to the public, this also infers he is unqualified for high public office.

according to a poll published by Zeit weekly. In a survey conducted several weeks ago, 57 percent said they felt threatened by Islam, four points higher than in 2012. And 61 percent of non-Muslim Germans said Islam had no place in the West, according to the study released by the Bertelsmann Foundation think tank.(source)

And these political parrots  wring their hands and point their fingers and pontificate about the evils of groups like PEGIDA in Germany who are  standing for the truth? Ridiculous.

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