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Friday, January 23, 2015

Greece: The last desperate gasp of dark Greek Socialism

Athens (AFP) - Struggling Greece will never recover without a generous debt cut, despite what the country's creditors might think, the politician likely to become the next finance minister said Tuesday.
"To promote reforms one must settle the debt issue," Giannis Dragasakis, the senior economist at anti-austerity party Syriza who are favourites to win Sunday's general election, told AFP in an interview.

This bunch of political bozo's is desperately, frantically  clinging to the fading fizzled hope that  "money does in fact grow on trees'.  They, as all socialists do, began with a false premise (we have a right to a  certain lifestyle) This false premise leads to another false premise, "We can spend what we don't have to  maintain that lifestyle", which in turn leads to an equally flawed conclusion: "Even though we scandalously squander and trash our economy, we can just 'demand' that those we borrowed from simply write it all off".

Note these words carefully!  senior economist at anti-austerity party Syriza

The first word "Senior" (when coupled with the second word) makes the whole sentence a laughing stock for the world.
The second word is an oxymoron for a socialist party.. "economist"???  
Then the next little beaudies "anti Austerity"

Just imagine....you borrow $200k for a home loan.   Then you find yourself out of a job, so you ring the bank and say.. "Umm...I lost my job, I want you to write off my loan",  Well you'd probably hear the laughter from the bank manager from 10km away...  "Screw you" he'd say (not on those words)  "Here's what will happen, if you cannot meet your repayments, we will foreclose on the house, sell it, (firesale price) and hit you with a bill for the difference between the sale price and the Loan balance."

The logical fallacy of this flawed socialist  viewpoint is that you can borrow from outside your borders but can ignore that responsibilities and obligations that go with it.  If Europe writes off Greece's debt, two things will happen:
i) Greece, in it's spoiled brat mentality will think it can get away with the same game again.
ii) Europe's balance sheet will suffer a downturn to the extent of how much it writes off from Greek Debt.

Cancelling a debt like this is not eliminating it, it just transfers it to other people....like Finland, who lent Greece a billion bucks when their own economy only generates $51 billion a year.

I suppose most people don't care much for double entry accounting, but it boils down to "if you take money from this cheque account column, you have to add money to the debt column.  Every debit has to be balanced by a credit.

I can't imagine the Europeans relishing the the thought of gazing at their own bankrupt navels caused by giving money to morons in Greece who don't know how to do anything but spend.  We are witnessing the death throws of 'Socialist Economics'.... but for some reason, the proven poverty of  their economic plans does not stop these idiots from self resurrecting in yet another costume of consumption in the play of life. They dance around the stage in a play that has no plot, no goal, no vision, no viability. All they know is... "now"...I need this, I want that...gimme gimme gimme no matter what the cost to you!

So, why is this socialist party set to stampede to victory in the Greek polls?  I suppose it's because most people are both fundamentally greedy and basically stupid when it comes to politics.  How much cognitive connection do you need for your brain to process the concept that if you firstly spend  all your own money, then want to spend other peoples...that one day their money, or more likely their patience will .....run out too.

The bizzare dimension of this current election in Greece is the gravity of the political situation and the grave they are yet again digging for themselves. It's almost like someone buried them alive in a shallow grave, and they clawed their way out of it, screaming and gasping for some breath of fresh air, only to go and dig their own new grave that is now much deeper and final.
Hmm.. when?
Hmm...when with that be?

Only a fool, bereft of his brain, would waltz with such halfwits.

People who promise what they cannot deliver, to gullible greedy masses have a reason for doing so.....it's really simple. Qui Bono...who benefits?
Do the masses ? Nope
Do the political scoundrels who made the scurrilous promises to get elected at any price? YEP

and just in case you Greeks can't read English...here it is in your language:

Τα πραγματικά κίνητρα του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

Οι άνθρωποι οι οποίοι υπόσχονται ό, τι δεν μπορεί να αποδώσει , 
να αφελείς άπληστοι μάζες έχουν ένα λόγο για να γίνει αυτό ..... 
είναι πραγματικά απλή . Qui Bono ... ποιος ωφελείται ;
Κάντε τις μάζες ; Όχι
Μήπως τα πολιτικά καθάρματα που έκαναν τις υβριστικές υποσχέσεις 
να εκλεγεί σε οποιαδήποτε τιμή ; ΥΕΡ

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