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Saturday, January 10, 2015

FRANCE- 751 NO GO ZONES (Muslim controlled)

This should speak louder than any level of verbal persuasion.  How can it be that there are 751 regions in France which are 'no go' for Authorities and social services?  These are areas governed by Sharia law, not French law.

When the French Government tried to re-assert it's lawful authority in these regions in 2012, chaos ensued, street battles and widespread carnage occurred.   What this means is, France is losing it's soul, and seems to lack the 'spirit' to do something to remedy this lamentable situation.

But 'what' do you do?  This is probably the most difficult question facing French lawmakers today. The Muslim regions cannot be allowed to be separate mini caliphates or mini states, but to overturn such things would quite possibly involve a minor civil war on many fronts.  The reaction would that Muslims would be galvanized into forming all manner of combat squads... suicide/matyrdom teams,  hostage takers, assassins and so on.

Riots in France 2005

Identifying and removing only the 'leaders' of such squalid cesspools of Islamism won't work, because as soon as they are removed, another crop will take their place. The usual absurd 'Progressive' narrative that these people are only angry because 'we' have excluded them. The solution according to these lunatics is to throw money and opportunity at them disproportionately to the rest of the citizens.  That narrative completely ignores the self segregation and self exclusion common among Muslims

MultiCulturalism works?  

You have to be kidding!  Sure...it can work reasonably with every group.... except Muslims who live under a different understanding of life and history and destiny.

Final Solution?

Yes, one must be found, and although it is repugnant to most progressives/socialists/leftists, banishing them to other lands is the only ultimate workable solution. So I am unhesitatingly urging the Government of France to make suitable arrangements, arrange ships, and deploy your troops to banish all Sunni and Shia Muslims from France.  Ahmadiya Muslims are regarded as heretics by Sunni and Shia, but they are the only group which has formally renounced violence, and thus they can remain.

The Final Solution to obtain the Final Solution.

Unfortunately, the only voice politicians listen to is the ballot box. Large masses of people are another alternative, and last weeks 18,000 anti Islamist protesters in Dresden Germany grew from just 200 in December to 18000 in January.  Since then we have had "Paris".  Leftist lunatics in the Media are already scrambling to shut down any Right wing voices such as that of Marie LePen who they say will 'try to take advantage of the massacre for political purposes'.... well really? That would have to be the ultimate no brainer of all no brainers!   Perhaps she might use it thus, because it needs to be used that way!

"This is pre-eminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly, nor need we shrink from honestly facing the conditions in our country today"  (Roosevelt 1933)

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