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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Does a thing exist outside your mind?

Interesting idea.  If you have never seen or heard of  an axe, which is known to all other people as an 'axe'.... is it an axe to you when you first see it?  No..it's a thing.  When you ask others "What is it ?" and they tell you 'it's an axe'...only then does it exist for you as...an axe.

I think the ideas in the above paragraph connect to philosophers as far back as Plato and as modern as our own century. What is the nature of things?  But is an 'axe' to you, an 'axe' to a person with a different language?
No, it has a different name but the same purpose.

This kind of thinking caused some people, Ludwig Feuerbach for one, to say that God only exists in our minds, because unless we can conceive of something it does not exist as something specific.  But this raises an important question.... how can mankind conceive of 'God' if we have never seen Him?  This is part of the struggle between 'Empiricists' and Rationalists.

I suggest that the simple fact that we can conceive of a Creator means there is one. I'm hearing echoes of Thomas Aquinas here, and Spinoza, both of whom raised very compelling arguments in the logical sense for the existence of the Being of God.

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