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Monday, January 19, 2015

Dangerous Divisive Hate Speech...what is it ?

When Australian newspapers print "China spies stole plans for joint strike fighter"....apparently it is not divisive?

When the Media reports that Boko Haram murdered a few thousand people.....apparently it's not divisive?

When the US media reports 'shots fired outside Biden home'..... apparently it's not divisive or likely to promote hate.

When an African American Muslim radical stands in a public street among hundreds of people, mostly black, and says "You're not free black man, if you want to be free you gonna have to kill some crackers (whites), you gonna have to kill some of their babies" ....apparently it is not divisive or hate speech.

When the worlds leaders gather together in Paris to stand together in solidarity against the 'terrorists' who murdered Charlie Hebdo and there are riots and deaths in Nigeria and other places as Muslims, realizing this is aimed at them, go ballistic and psycho and trash the nearest object or person.... apparently this huge 'pro Charlie' gathering is.....Not divisive  or likely to promote hate. (though the French government deployed thousands of troops to protest mosques, synagogues and Jewish schools)

When Anjem Choudery in England marches and screams that the black flag of Islam will fly over Buckingham Palace, and the White house, when he and his thugs scream offensive abuse at British soldiers, at Catholics.. and declare that they follow a 'Trinity of Evil'..and that the Pope should 'go to hell'....  when his followers scream that they will take the women of non Muslims as sex slaves (on Video) Apparently, this is not sufficiently divisive or likely to fuel hate to the point where British police will apply the public order act against them.

But if you are 'white'... German, and speak out about Islamimism, the dangers of Muslim immigration.....you are instantly tarred with the brush of extremism and intolerance and very likely will be called a "Nazi".

I strongly suggest you 'progressives' out there, along with all you 'moderate' white people...specially Germans at this time, review how you understand what is served up by your Media Organizations and your Political despots.

None of these declarations against the likes of PEGIDA are aimed at convincing you of anything, they are aimed at controlling you.  If you don't see this perhaps I should introduce you to a wonderful man of history who is noted for touching peoples blind eyes and removing the blinding scales from them?

Clearly, we are faced with something called "Political Truth" rather than real factual truth.  Realise this, remember it at the next election, and react appropriately...for the sake of your children and grandchildren.

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