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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Berlin, limp wristed cheap sale, reduced to clear Government (so called) brutalized by Bully 'Refugees' (so called)

This is the extent of the cost, and the trouble caused by rampaging refugees who believe they can invade the county, declare their "rights" and that those supposed 'rights' can usurp the rule of law in a sovereign Nation. These so called refugees are infringing the law, they are squatting unlawfully, and must be dealt with using "due process' of law.

When things get this bad, and German politicians are running scared with red embarrased faces, hiding in a corner from the gaze of some Left wing lunatic's iPhone videoing him or her, then the Nation is effectively dead.

Only a nationalistic movement like Pegida can resurrect some dignity for these cowering once great Germans.

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