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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Australian Law and Charlie Hebdo-Mocking Muhammad

Aussie law is interesting.  You cannot mock a person because of their religious beliefs, but you can mock the beliefs themselves. (Victoria, Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001).

Human Rights Commissions are infamous and notorious for their attempts to bridge the gap between 'beliefs' and 'people.  They are forever trying to make criticism of a belief system equivalent to 'racism'.  This is particularly evident when it comes to the most criticized, mocked and vilified belief system in the world today...."Islam".

The reasons HRCs embark on this very dark direction are basically political. They are populated by Leftists, driven by misguided notions of equality, but most of all they are fueled by the desperate need to keep "minorities" on side for political reasons.

DIVISIVE MOCKERY.  If the Australian Defence League went out on the streets to mock Islamic belief, the first lions out of the cage to attack them will be the Human Rights mob shrieking "You are divisive!!!!"  But if Charlie Hebdo draws cartoons mocking every religion, including Islam...they are seen as enlightened martyrs for free speech.

Here is an example of the ADL holding a protest against Sharia law in 2001.  They were not mocking or ridiculing Islamic belief they were protesting against a different legal system being imposed by stealth on the Australian community. All up there were only about 40 people max drawn from all walks of life.  A group of lefitsts/anarchists and general reprobates gathered to oppose them, and numbered around 300.  It all happened in Federation Square Melbourne.
After a bit of a shouting match between duelling PA systems. The communists decided to try to evict the patriots from the square. With odds of 300 to 40, that was not a huge task.

CHARLIE HEBDO?  I wonder if these same people would attack Charlie Hebdo for being divisive or anti Islamic? It's unlikely because the Left loves mockery as long as it's mocking the right people, or..that the mocking is done by their own flock.

PEGIDA-Germany   Now that a local patriotic movement is forming in Dresden and other German cities, the Left is becoming apoplectic and hysterical, from top to bottom and are denouncing, decrying and attempting to destroy this grass roots uprising.

To all Germans out there who love freedom of expression and liberty from Sharia law (by stealth or brute force, the end result is the same)

Sie sind die menschen!

Machen Sie Ihre Zukunft frei von islam

Stand mit Pegida

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