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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trades Unions, are they needed?

According to that rather dark central European leader of Germany in 1933-1945,

So long as there are employers who attack social understanding and have
wrong ideas of justice and fair play it is not only the right but also
the duty of their employees--who are, after all, an integral part of our
people--to protect the general interests against the greed and unreason
of the individual. For to safeguard the loyalty and confidence of the
people is as much in the interests of the nation as to safeguard public

However, I sense that he wrote supportively about Unions because he wished to capture their loyalty for his own cause of National Socialism. I can illustrate the problem simply. If the union is organized, we should ask on what basis? The existing unions were constituted on Marxist lines and  lead and guided by Communists of that day,  so given the ultimate goal of the Communist cause was to bring all nations under the Soviet scheme of life and rule, we should immediately beware of uncritically accepting this politicians assessment of the union.

Secondly, this quote suggests that there was a means of determining what was 'fair play' and what was 'just', but those words had long been taken captive by the Communists. Ultimately I sense that this leader had ideas of justice and fair play that emerged from his own experience and he sought to 'project' them onto the Union movement.

There is perhaps one more dimension to this situation, ie.. that once this man had power, he disposed quickly of the communist and socialist elements from the leadership of the Unions.  In doing this we can have a reasonable confidence  that he believed that in their absence, Union demands would now be for 'fair play' and true 'justice' in the National Interest.

In Australia today, unfortunately the Unions are still controlled by Communist thugs who never get tired of making unreasonable demands of employers.  So we have the bizarre situation where an unskilled man holding a  lollipop "Stop/Go" sign outside a construction site could be paid $100k per year, while highly trained teachers are paid around $60,000 after graduation.

Clearly, 'fair play' and 'justice' went out the window with the bathwater long ago.

For this reason, it is the duty and compelling necessity of Australians to form themselves into a movement which can address this industrial relations/economic time bomb.  The only way to remedy this, it seems to me is to establish the very same  types of concentration camp facilities for political prisoners that solved this same problem in the past.  With the benefit of hindsight, this step would be administered much better than previous incarnations have been, and they would be populated by Union leadership, all organizers and shop stewards.

Allowing the argument to take a different direction, it might be possible to simply pass legislation that brings such Unionists into line with National expectations,  but this is doubtful as history has shown in Australia.  Such a step would presumably permit that same leadership to remain in power, albeit with less bite to their bark.  This scenario is one which only awaits a change of government which is more favorable to the Union movement whereupon everything will be reset to how it was before.

Therefore I am convinced that not only is incarceration the only real solution, it must be accompanied by a revised National approach to government which places the National interest at the forefront and individual interests at the rear.

Do Governments Create Jobs or...... more Debt?

It depends on a number of factors. For example in the Victorian (Australia) context we just had a state election where the biggest bunch of boof heads, bozo's and drongo's you can ever imagine have somehow managed to worm their way into 'control' (I'm talking about the Sex party, the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Local Jobs party, who all have seats in our Upper house, and the numbers to crush legislation from the lower house controlled by the Labor Party at present.)  Not to be left out of the drongo stakes Daniel Andrews comes up with this whiz bang idea to help the following:
-Unemployed Youth
-Recently redundant workers
-Long term unemployed

How is he going to do this? aaah.... he is going to offer subsidies to companies which will give them 'jobs'.  Hmm... what kind of jobs?  Then, paying for this 'initiative' with.....what? Well obviously by spending more money we don't have (Victoria's net debt and liabilities is $77 Billion worst estimate, $51 billion best). I suppose he can duck shove some money from some little hidey hole that the Liberals had squirrelled away for some more preferred and electorally beneficial project/pork barrel whatever, but that's unlikely because there isn't much spare money around for that kind of purpose.  So essentially Andrews will make a lot of employment bottom enders happier, possibly employed in jobs employers likely don't need, but hey... a bit of extra cash to watch some former dole bludger do his bludging in house?  I suppose there's an upside for that kind of company... but think about the political angle here... 'which' companies will find themselves benefitting from this?  We'd need to peel back some layers to find that out.

Governments create debt, not jobs. Infrastructure jobs? hmmm.. *rolls eyes*  sure, more debt and dereliction, but a few dangerous level crossings eliminated, which produce growth in the economy.....how?  Nah...that was never the intention, this was about one thing and one thing alone..'votes'.  If we were sinking a little in some less than firm mud under Napthine and crew, we will now be sinking fast in Labor's reckless selectively focused economic quicksand.

Make no mistake, a lot of people will do very well out of this gloom, but they will be very selectively qualified for that...they will be trade union bosses, Labor oriented public servant/academic types, and labor oriented business goons. Of course I'm not born under a lettuce leaf, I know the same is true of the bloody Liberals and don't for a moment think I'd let the slithering Green slime off the hook on that score. But Andrews 'coup de tat' saves the real fat portions for the labor oriented Lawyers.. they will now be like feeding lions on a wilderbeast as Andrews has now decided to have a Royal Commission into family violence!  $44,000,000 so far allocated.

I wonder if it would ever dawn on Andrews that 44 million might be better spent educating our children in a way that gives them a bit more hope and sense of destiny than a craving for their next fix of ice?  "Without a vision, the people perish" said Solomon in Proverbs 29:18   longggggg ago,  but that same proverb has an important dimension to it that I've only just noticed... the full quote is:

"Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint; but happy is he that keeps the law."  

See the connection between lack of vision and casting off restraint?  Andrews does have a vision, but it's a vision to satiate the financial lusts, hunger and passions of his connections, not to lift this state out of the vile quicksand of widespread narcissism that stems from nihilism or to save us from  the catastrophic bottomless pit of purgatorial debt.


I was seriously considering standing against James Merlino (Deputy leader of Victorian Labor) but time and circumstances conspired to deny me that exercise. Perhaps it was also the fact that I'm 66 now, as of yesterday, and I figured I could only give one term to the job of MP before my poor old body is stripped of any semblance of dynamism.

Perhaps the best I can do at the moment is to try my hardest to pass on the mantle of political responsibility to the next generation, by informing them of the true situation, and providing some insights about politics, economics, psychology and theology.  With this in mind, I would like to list a couple of articles that might stimulate both deeper thought about our present and future, and also inspire some as yet unknown person to a needed level of greatness that they can apply to saving us.

Politics/Economics/National Renewal

Are 'you' that person?  


The Century of the Self

The History of Political Correctness

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