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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trade Unions, is there an alternative?

Absolutely yes! By nature and DNA, trade unions are limited in scope to the benefits for their own members as they remind us with regular monotony. The eventual outcome of such a narrow, narcissistic and greed based purpose can only be the following:  i) The company will close down and re-locate to a country with lower labor costs * ii) The Company will increase their prices to make up for the increased labor costs, which leads to lower competitiveness, which leads to lower sales, which leads to layoffs and longer unemployment ques. iii) The more common outcomes these days is that Unions having marshalled their resources to focus primarily on large "too big to fail" type industries, it just means that the cost of electricity, the cost of water, the cost of all things related to these big businesses or government instrumentalities that you and I have to pay continue to go up and up and up...making us poorer and the Union members richer at our expense.

So the question arises, have Unions exceeded their primary self definition of 'representing workers rights' and ensuring safety is a big concern? The answer to this is an unambiguous 'yes'!  They have now simply re-defined 'workers rights' to mean 'their members privilege and pay and to hell with everyone else' (That's you and I).

If Trades Unions have exceeded their permissible role in the social order, what could take their place to ensure that business owners do not simply exploit their workers in unfair, unsafe and harsh ways?  

In my opinion, we would have much higher productivity, less lost hours due to industrial action, a wealthier nation and wealthier citizens if we had a different body altogether.  I would call this an 'enhanced ombudsman' dept, run by the State.  It must be clearly understood however, that 'the State' under such an arrangement could never be one which is elected by popular majority for the simple reason that this will cause 'election campaigns' that are full of hidden agendas, vested interests, pork barrelling, lies, untruths, falsehoods and other nefarious elements.

We can learn much from China on this matter, we can learn the good and beneficial, and the bad and blameable. I do not sense that China has anything like a powerful sharp toothed 'ombudsman' department of public accountability, so that leads to serious exploitation, low wages, rich 'well connected bosses' and in fact the worst form of blatant capitalism under the umbrella of a so called Socialist State.  I don't detect much socialism or  welfare in modern China.

On the other hand, the idea of a 'Government' which is tied to a founding document, and that government not being subject to the selfish whim of silly voters who don't know anything more than the next $50 note flashed around by the silver tongued glazed politicians who bottom feed on them.  Still more can be said. The 'masses' must be educated about politics, economics and how they can participate.  Under the system of Government I propose, individual positions will be subject to a popular vote. There will be no political parties which never represent more than approximately 50% of the population. (Labor/Workers vs 'Conservative/Bosses'). There will not even be a 'one party' situation, it will be more of a 'Government' that does not have any interest other than the national interest.

I'm not naive enough to think that once such a system is in place, that those who could benefit grandly from certain decisions going this way or that will be backward about coming forward and making their case.  Such approaches must be weighed for the best national interest and it's quite possible that this could work out in a way that dovetails with private interest if their case is worthy.

This would be a body with teeth. Those teeth will be able to sink into the rear end of the full spectrum of the social order, from the man in the street to the man in the penthouse. I see no reason to deny a system of reward for the operators of those teeth for doing such a beneficial job. In fact, I suppose that due reward for helping the nation would make such positions highly desirable.
These are, of course, very broad brush strokes and the detail must be provided, debated and discussed. So, feel free to put in your two cents worth in the comments section below, you never know, it might end up being worth a few million!

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