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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Questionable Mental Health of the "Political Liberal".

Yesterday we had a blood soaked and grisly end to a siege in Martin Place, Sydney Australia. A lone gunman with a colorful history of sexual abuse, accessory to murder his former wife, abusive 'pro Islamic' letters to the parents of fallen Aussie servicemen and so on, held around 17 people captive in a cafe with a shotgun. He forced them to display a pro Islamic black flag, on which were printed the Muslim 'shahada'- the confession of conversion that there is no god but Allah and his messenger is Muhammad.

During the following hours, I asked people at random how they felt about it all?   Almost without exception they were 'gobsmacked' at the debauchery, violence and religious nuttery manifested by this man. But ONE person showed what can only describe as irrational "Liberal" mental health issues.  The sequence of our conversation was as follows:
Me: "So... what do you reckon about that siege incident?"
Him: "The man was insane"
Me: "Insane? How about considering this.....he fed his mind with religious material that promoted and suggested  all of his actions, and supported the idea of him and his religious kindred fighting non them in a violent way until his group rules our group...don't you think that if he firstly and firmly believes this information to be 'from Allah' that it logically follows he might act it out?"
Him: "No..no way, nothing should move a man to act violently like that"

Essentially that was it. Now I ask you to notice that this man was incapable of recognizing the direct connection between the faith position of this man and his actions. He was instead 'projecting' his own social and psychological presuppositions onto this other person, (the offender) in a way that satisfied his own cherished sentimental but irrational view of the world.  He does not wish to imagine or accept the idea of a world where sane people can act in horrific ways purely on the basis of their belief that a holy text authorizes them to do so.

As I said..this man has mental health issues, and any person who fails to recognize this connection does also.  It might be a mild form of mental ill health but it's a dangerous one for our national security. It is tantamount to him regarding the Australian constitution as some far off document that has absolutely nothing to do with how our high court interprets behavior and conduct in relation to Australian law and life.

So I cannot in all fairness label all 'liberals' to be in the same mental ill health category, because there are some, perhaps many who do see the connection between what this man consumed (religiously) and his behavior, however, the general posture of the political Liberal is to try to explain this mans trajectory in terms of social and/or economic disadvantage. "If he was not poor, marginalized and disadvantaged, he would not have gone into this radical mind set", they say.

Unfortunately for them, this argument just does not hold water at the coal face of reality. Many of the radicals we have been reading about and who have been reported in the mainstream press have been:
-Well educated.
-Well integrated.
So the social disadvantage narrative is rather like an empty vessel being pounded and bashed to make a big noise to try to 'make it true' when in fact it isn't.  The political liberal/lefty is unflinchingly reluctant to explain or accept any explanation of the behavior of Muslims that suggests it has it's origin in the content of the Quran or the conduct of it's (so called) prophet.

Attempts to assist them (Liberal/lefty) to comprehend this are usually met with accusations of bigotry or racism, -the standard political  toolkit they drag out to in such cases.  Surprisingly, they tend to love to hate establishment people such as Church leaders caught in some moral compromise, and link that to their belief system, and they particularly love to link all this to the underlying belief in free market capitalism.

Dangerous Social Reaction to the Siege.

In the aftermath of the siege we witnessed large scale outpouring of expressions of sympathy for the victims, this is ok, but there was also a loud and shrill cry for 'tolerance', and solidarity with 'mainstream' Muslims who might be victimized as a result of the siege. A popular hashtag sprang up called #I'llwalkwithyou"  where people are expressing their willingness to support and stand by Muslims in public to comfort and protect them from social repercussions.  Such a hashtag/twitter attitude shares the same mental health issues outlined above. These people are "Muslims" only because they have internalized the 'Shahada' that was on the flag/banner displayed by the offender in the siege.

This is not to suggest that Muslims should be hated or hurt because of this siege or incidents like it, but it is to suggest our educational, law enforcement and public policy pundits recognize the truth about this vile religion and ramp up efforts to educate Muslims out of it rather than comfort them in it.

Failure to confront and deal with the doctrinal, historical and scriptural foundations of Islam, will only see more and more violence and mayhem such as we see today in Pakistan where over 150 children have just been massacred by Muslim Taliban. We need to educate our children that such things are not only wrong, but why they are wrong and where they come from. (The Islamic scriptures and the example of it's so called prophet)

For the Lefty Liberal such commentary and suggestions are probably like having a decayed wisdom tooth root canal job done without anesthetic, but painful as it might be, it is the only solution to the rot.

So, in conclusion, I recommend that political liberals undergo some lengthy and comprehensive social and philosophical re-education to remedy their flawed and dangerous belief system and world view.

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