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Monday, December 29, 2014

Saving Australia from the Bogey Man

No, I didn't mean to say 'bogan'... there are in reality, a number of bogey men and women that spend most of their time jostling for the best pozzi at the trough, their snouts outstretched, their breath panting, their drool slobering all over the place.
These bogey men and women include the 'deprived' Public service (extremely highly paid, including the criminal Paramedic union), the Fire Fighters Union the Electrical Trade Union, in fact all the Unions. Then there are the rapacious 'entrepreneurs' who vie for a higher level for their offices in Collins st. (Melbourne Victoria context), and then we have a sprinkling of politicians, consultants (they are the bottom feeding parasites of Australian economic life and they latch onto politicians like a lamprey on a trout and rasp away with their lobbying teeth until the economic blood starts to freely ooze out into their digestive tracts.)

The Bogey men and women are also a large percentage of Aussie Journalists who simply fail to comprehend the psychological processes that create what they so deplorably and  incorrectly describe as an Islamic "Radical". (rather than faithful true Muslims in the spirit of their founder Mohammad)  We are so flooded with these bogey people, that the time has come for a clean sweep of the very system itself that hosts them somewhat like a festering ulcerous sore to flesh eating bacteria. 

Having written plenty on this I won't repeat it hear, but for 2015 why not at least consider some out of the square perspectives on economic, social, spiritual and political life?



There is some overlap between the above, but well worth a read.

If you want to go on the HONOURS list, view this documentary and it will change your life forever.

Consider this poignant quote from it.  "Bernays was sent to accompany the President at the post WWI peace talks, they discussed the use of propaganda during the war, then Bernays thought to himself, "If Propaganda can be used effectively during wartime to persuade the masses to support the war, why cant it be used in peacetime to  maintain the peace?"   But how this statement was translated into real world actions is the theme of the doco, and it describes how 'the masses' have been subjected to a flood of Government and Industry 'propaganda' designed to a) keep us calm and b) keep us buying things we don't need, but have been persuaded that we want.


This stunning and fair doco is becoming more and more difficult to find, see link in the title above, then look for these links to follow up:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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