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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Qui Bono, how do Trade Unions Benefit?

Better put..."who" in the Trade Unions receives the most benefit from their industrial actions?

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is a heavyweight on the labor scene. It pays its president $350,000 a year. It’s holding its next executive board meeting in February at a swanky beachfront resort in Hollywood, Florida. And it just doled out nearly $8 million to influence the last election and lobby Washington
I rest my case!

But wait....there's more!

But when it comes to standing by the obligation unions made to provide pensions to retirees, UFCW pleaded poverty in persuading Congress to let chronically underfunded union pension plans cut the benefits of workers, including those already retired. (same source as the above quote)

I rest my case..... again. (Unions will do ANYthing just to keep power)

Still more.  It should be patently, and painfully obvious by now, that Unions exist not for the workers but for the bosses and their luxurious, pampered lifestyles. The chilling part of all this is that they might call a strike to get their members a $10/week raise.....but adding this to the usual weekly rate still does not bring them within a loud bushmans cooeee of the MEGA pay packets of the union bosses. So..... what insanity has possessed these stupid idiots (workers) who continue to be like Lemmings and march in a hurried procession to the edge of a fiscal cliff?

The Union bosses are on a win/win ticket. Even if they destroy the Aussie Economy, and hurl the retrenched workers under the freight train of their own selfish ambition, I suspect they are thinking they will be rewarded by that other partner, their real master, who benefits from their destructive action...China.

This language is not designed to win worker friends but it is designed to wake them up and influence them away from these self seeking, self serving greedy narcissists who 'lead' them! My defense is that I've chatted with the 'castaways' (Toyota workers) where the Union did not even give the workers a vote on whether to accept or reject the variations in conditions Toyota were seeking in order to make manufacturing of cars viable in Australia. These blokes and girls...have been thrown onto the scrap heap by militant, greedy power hungry (at any price) unionists from the AMWU. Needless to say the AMWU leadership is up near the top of my 'list' for future action.

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