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Monday, December 22, 2014

Noam Chomsky, a walking contradiction- Partly fact and partly fiction.

Noam Chomsky is unquestionably one of the leading thinkers of the Political Left. I'm sure many on the left will consider he is always, and without exception, barking up the right tree,  and walking straight and true. Is he?

As I see it, he is a very confused man. Possibly resolutely sincere? Possibly recklessly in error? A lot depends on the quality of the ideas driving Mr Chomsky. JF Kennedy once said: "If we make a peaceful revolution impossible, we make a violent revolution inevitable", and while this might be a great sound bite, it is pocked marked with philosophical and reasoning holes the size of a moon crater. It says zero about the quality of the ideas driving those who want a peaceful transition to 'them' running the show, nor does it address the fact that those same questionable ideas are violent and catastrophic in embyonic form! JFK was referring to the Vietnam war situation and he might have had a point when we consider the self serving 'national interests' driving the American dabble in doubtful democracy there.
Listening to Chomsky about "the  necessary illusions-thought control in a democratic society" and taking it at face value, one might  think that Chomsky is the man in the white hat, picking and poking the eyes out of the man/men in the black hats (the Capitalists and Political Conservatives) and that in doing so, he is unfolding a mode of social organization that is self evidently true, right, happy, just, fair and normal.

This is how Chomsky is described (perhaps self described)
"a liberarian socialist, a sympathizer of anarcho-syndicalism." (courtesy of his parents views and activities).

So, what then is 'anarcho-syndicalism'?   It might be a wonderful idea to read up on that first to see how it is driving some of the things Chompers says.

Theory of anarchism which views revolutionary industrial unionism or syndicalism as a method for workers in capitalist society to gain control of an economy and, with that control, influence broader society. Syndicalists consider their economic theories a strategy for facilitating worker self-activity and as an alternative cooperative economic system with democratic values and production centered on meeting human needs. (wiki)

 Wow....now doesn't that just take your breath away?  It sounds so wonderful and utopian, who cares about the 2nd coming of Christ?- the millenium is achievable in the here and now! (if you believe as Chompers does).

Funny thing though, I'm not seeing it!  What I DO see however is 'anarcho-syndicalist' groups like the CFMEU and the ETU trade unions in Australia acting like spoiled bullies who think of absolutely no one and nothing other than there own pockets at everyone elses expense.  The only 'human need' these bozos are meeting is there own, and it long ago graduated from human need to human greed!  You need only google 'ETU blockade' or 'CFMEU blockade' to see this played out before your eyes.

So, clearly Chomsky has an overly optimistic vision of human nature.  He's an old bloke and you'd think that having lived a long life he'd have woken up to this fact by now, but nope.... seems like he's still sawing on the same old note on his political Cello... monotonous, boring, and in the end it becomes like the audio version of the Chinese water torture.. instead of drip drip drip is... 'drone, drone, drone' same old note.. not even a tune.

This audio resource demonstrates Chompers failings adquately, as you will recognize his 'frame of reference' by the terms he uses to describe social conservatives throughout his talk.  In Australia we had this bloke called 'Chopper Reid' who was a some time hit man and general scallywag.  I think Chomsky's attitude is a bit like that of Chopper... but he kills less people, or does he? Perhaps his ideas have infected many people who have gone on to indulge in the odd revolutionary massacre? All in the cause of 'just and fair society' of course.

He is however absolutely right about the illusions that we are fed by the Media and Government, but his problem is he seems to think that once 'his' mates run the show, that will miraculously dissappear from public life.  Well, that is just a huge, if well articulated, lie at worst and a gross misunderstanding of both human nature and history at best.

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