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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Layer on tragic Layer- how do we process all this?

Sydney Siege just a few days ago, and a massive outpouring of grief and sympathy for the families of those killed.

Last night, 8 children massacred/stabbed to death in Cairns, apparently by the mother who has been arrested.  How in the world can we cope with the second one on top of the first?  The only outcome I feel will be widespread numbness to horrific tragedy and evil. We will tend to become insular and "ho hum.. another one? .. moving on now".

We could enter a situation where people are competing to have the tragedy 'they' are most touched by recognized by everyone else as 'the' tragedy. Especially so after people initiate 'foundations' or are interviewed on national TV etc  to remember the life of someone who died in the disaster.

On top of all this, or in between in fact... was the mass murder of the 140+ children in the Pakistan military school. Then Boko Haram kidnaps another hundred people and so on it goes.  All of this in the space of just a few days.  I will poke the eyes out (metaphorically) of anyone whining or bleating about 'human rights', that would be an utter absurdity in this present time.

I'll also hurl a verbal rock at anyone who tries to describe the 'fake shiek' as a loony. People do as people believe, and people come to believe they should do some things because firstly they look up to some identity or personality who comes up with some kind of holy book in which they are told firstly to attack non them, and secondly that if they do so, and are killed in the process, they are 'martyrs' and will go instantly to paradise and be surrounded by a harem of nubile sex toys for their perpetual enjoyment and pleasure.

The astonishing thing about that last situation, is that a considerable number of very smart, intelligent and well educated people believe it.

The obvious solution is to attack the root cause rather than the symptom alone.  I'll leave you to ponder that problem as I have work to do. Trying to nut this out in human terms  is like trying to understand and relate to the umpteenth gazillion iteration of a mandelbrot fractal.   The solution, and the source of the problems like the above, are..spiritual.

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