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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Is this the "Theory of Everything"?

Yesterday I discovered the "Mandelbot Fractal" and have been awestruck since. But as I reflected on a deeper explanation of this very unusual and profound  aspect of reality, I realized that by changing the exponent in the formula by 1, (raising it from 2 to 3, squared to cubed) you produce a 'self reproducing' pattern very similar to how cells replicate (in appearance at least).

Here is the basic formula     Z<=> Z2+C   (Z2 means z squared)  The pattern produced is mind numbing and it just keeps going and going and going in ways that make it look like a mini universe.

If you expand this out, and zoom in, you find the pattern repeated exactly in all of the tiny parts of the image, and they in turn contain the same pattern, it just goes deeper and deeper and deeper. It took a powerful computer 26 days to render the basic image.

Close inspection of the detail would (if we could fit it all in here) show that there are 'dual helixes' in the pattern, very much like DNA.  So there are two 'hints' at the nature of our most fundamental reality. DNA and RECPLICATION.   The thing which makes the difference and makes it a self replicating formula/fractal is raising the power of Z from Z squared to Z cubed.  There is another 'hint' about how this might be somehow tied to the nature of the universe, in that the spiral nature of some of the patterns resemble the patterns seen in the Solar Systems .

Here is a video that describes all this and emphasizes that in this we are entering the mind of God so to speak.

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