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Monday, December 29, 2014

Dr Colin Tatz .... in tatters?

History and Politics Professor.

Dr Colin Tatz has made some profoundly dangerous, hate filled, racist  and anti Australian assertions in his book "With Intent to Destroy- reflections on Genocide". I detail those assertions and offer information about them in this article which has been attracting a very strong reader interest for some time now.  This one article seems to be receiving over a hundred views/reads per day.  If Tatz' reputation as a 'serious scholar' on this particular volume of his is left in complete tatters, I am very happy that my work has been done.

Academics can be the most arrogant and self serving people you will ever meet. Some are so cozy and glowing with lofty arrogance they seem to think that because they've done a paper on something, the world should cow tow before their academic excellence. Well, that might be ok IF they actually demonstrated those qualities rather than a racist and prejudiced anti Australia rant which, in my opinion, his book above-mentioned is definitely a prime example of.

See the article here.

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