The Pen is mightier than the sword, but the Pen must sometimes move the sword against corruption if the corrupt are not moved by the pen.. An idea without an implementer is useless. "The Rulers do not carry the sword in vain"Rom 13:4

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Australia-Tax the Workers not the Rich to fix our deficit catastrophe!

Debt Levy

It might sound a bit hard hearted right?  Actually it's beautiful poetic justice. Who voted for the feral Labor government which yet a-gain turns a profit into a loss, a surplus into a deficit,  the black into red? Well of course it was that 'party of Aussie workers'...Labor.

So.... I think that it's only appropriate to make those voters PAYYYYYY for their political greed and sins.  Why tax those over $80k at 2% and those over $180k at an extra percent?  With the exception of the construction laborers and lollypop stick holders who suck around $100k from our liquidity, the rest of the more highly paid would have voted Liberal.

In fact, we should reverse the incremental Tax tables so that the less peoples income, the more they are taxed, that would lessen the blame on those who voted for the problem solvers rather than the problem gamblers.

So, let the sinner reap the punishment for his own sins.....don't punish the spotless.  So, aside from inverting the tax burden,  I recommend a 5% levy on all those under $80,000 except for my poor wife who a) Voted liberal and b) has been screwed by the ACTU's 'living wage campaign' last time round, where she used to have 5 days work a week, and now, since the pay rise demanded by the ACTU she has 4 days a week and receives $100 less than before per fortnight... not impressed, you low life Unions!!!!

In fact.. I think that because of these heinous political and economic mortal sins of the Union movement, all their assets should be seized, sold and shared with the rest of us in the form of "Levy Reduction".

So much for todays' rant.

Wait...there's more!  and here it is:  POLITICAL SCIENCE and the OLD TESTAMENT. (or.. 'How to make dirty politics work for you in Queensland')

What? waxing Biblical in the context of politics of 2014? You betcha. There is not a document on earth that teaches 'Political Science' as well as ye olde Good Book.... because all the plots,  the ploys and putrid  plans of human greed and avarice are found there. Here is an example: It has to do with King David's estranged son Absolom. He had it all, extra good looking:

Now in all Israel there was no one as handsome as Absalom, so highly praised; from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was no defect in him. (2 Sam 14:25)

So, Absalom ran his own 'preselection' ballot and appointed himself as candidate for King as soon as circumstances and opportunity allowed:

In the course of time, Absalom provided himself with a chariot and horses and with fifty men to run ahead of him. 2 He would get up early and stand by the side of the road leading to the city gate. Whenever anyone came with a complaint to be placed before the king for a decision, Absalom would call out to him, “What town are you from?” He would answer, “Your servant is from one of the tribes of Israel.” 3 Then Absalom would say to him, “Look, your claims are valid and proper, but there is no representative of the king to hear you.” 4 And Absalom would add, “If only I were appointed judge in the land! Then everyone who has a complaint or case could come to me and I would see that they receive justice.” (2Sam 15:1-4)

This sounds like the Palmer United Party (Absalom) and it's nefarious Green fruitloop lapdogs (Absalom's 50 men)  right now!  "Oh that WE were in charge"

Let's hope the Aussie public is sufficiently aware to see these Absalom-like plots for what they are.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Pathway to Financial Oblivion for Victoria, Australia (and the culprits)

Just when the Government (Liberal/Coalition) tells us the good news.... "We have a budget surplus for this financial year of $144 million!  Woop de dooooo.......

Then the bad news from this blogger (and his source in Government reports)....

We still have $77 Billion dollars of accumulated debt and unfunded liabilties!!!!!

James Merlino is waxing eloquent at Boronia Heights Primary school, promising them a financial rabbit out of his hat, to the tune of 5.7 Million for a school facelift.  Hmmm so James appears to know something everyone else on the planet with a computer does not... where to find 5.7 million dollars in an ocean of $77 billion of debt.

Other candidates are playing the same dishonest game, including Bruce Argyle the independent for Eildon. Promising things they know they cannot deliver, or...if the do deliver they know damn well that it will only be because of taking or slashing some service for a more distant segment of the community.


This is the most important question!  There can be only 1 of 2 possible reasons.

Reason 1  "James and Bruce simply don't know the horrifying fiscal truth"  (in which case they are both a pair of bozo's and boofheads and therefore incompetent.

Reason 2  "They KNOW the situation, are promising the $$$ anyway, just to get elected!"  which raises another question..


Welllll.. you can delve into "Labors plan for jobs and growth" if you want to play lucky dip for fancy wrapped up grab toys  but there's nothing of serious value.  The document is written from the perspective of "we have plenty of money and we'll throw some your way!" when we damn well do not!!!
But if you examine it forensically, digging into the hidden meanings of phrases that sound great, you will recognize that there is a vast network of suckling pigs out there who drink from the sow of Labor or the Coalition. In fact there are two networks. One for each side.  In Labor's case they mean 'jobs for our network of mates and buddies'.

Our problem is that the Coalition are trying to be seen as the menders while also being seen as the kings and queens of infrastructure and development and also feeling the pain of the less fortunate. Note..I said.. "seen".

This simply illustrates the the only destination for our state on this highway to hell is an absolute train wreck.

We will encounter the dark and heavy hand of 'pay it back, pay it all and pay it now' from our creditors at a level crossing with no boom gates of restraint.

So all this pre election generosity is fluffy fairy floss, no substance and it rots our teeth. I feel sorry for the mums and dads in the Boronia area, Tony Dib is having a crack at taking the seat.. he's already on the Maroondah Council, but missed out on the plumb Mayor's job this time round, so he is setting his sights higher for the State.
Tony is complicit in the false emtpy damaging promises to our friends in Boronia,  he and James Merlino were there as 'partners in political grime'.  Plenty of backslapping and self  congratulation to each other, and James, we must not forget is the deputy leader of the ALP for Vic..and I'll bet he is maneuvering to cripple and crunch Daniel Andrews as soon as the opportunity arises.  Politics can be very primal at times.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The ABC Inquisition of Independent Candidate Bruce Argyle for Victoria's State Election.

A few days ago, Rafael Epstein launched a  barrage of questions at Bruce Argyle, the Independent for Eildon.  It went like a typical litany of lunacy from the loony left.   It was as though Epstein just wanted to categorized Argyle for the purposes of 'tagging' him with as much potential ammunition for the loud loony left wing  ferals as possible.

Here is Argyles facebook page.

Argyle is promising "I'll campaign for this, that, the other thing and still that other 'other'  thing" in a typically political attempt to sway voters with his 'balance' and reasonableness. Hugh Pearson points out the flaws in his 'spend like there's no tomorrow' philosophy.

Victoria has a debt of $77 billion dollars (Unfunded Liabilities).... that's $27,500 for every working Victorian. So..... could some bright economic spark out there illuminate me as to 'where' the money for Mansfield Hospital and the CFA at Healsville will come from ? Oh wait..I know.. perhaps from the utterly bad deal the Labor/Coalition just made with Crown Casino to get hmm what?..$900 Million over a million years (it may as well be because I'll be long dead before we see that ship sail in)    Napthine will get $250 million of that from an up front payment (good electoral war chest?) and the rest on the never never but..BUT there is a sting in this casino scorpion's tail, if the government changes the law about problem gamblers it can seek up to $200 million in compensation. Per time!

Well... even the $250 million won't do squat for our $77 billion debt, and the real problem with this is that if we sell the Docklands and the Rural Finance Corporation and scrounge a few billion from it, that might be a temporary fix but the fundamental problem of spending attitude will take us further down the highway to fiscal hell thereafter.

Actually, the debt is much worse...the figures I used above were for 2011/12....the current reality is below.

Net Debt has been revised down by a touch to 22.7% of GSP in 2013-14 (from 23%)
before peaking in 2014-15 and tapering off afterwards. (source)

GSP ...Gross State Product (Vic) is $343 billion (source)

QUESTION....what is 22.7% of $343 billion?    

Have fun with that Bruce Argyle, I'll meet you in fantasy land.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Scotland the Brave and free or.....the foolish?

I can imagine it now, if the "Yes" campaign wins there will be hoards of Scottish patriots raging around the streets with their faces painted blue and white all crying "Freeeeeedommmmmmm" .... should be quite a picture!

Alternatively, the status quo remains and there will be some contented faces and some glum ones.

It appears now that it was 'Scotland the Timid'.

Just how bad can the Greens get ? (Australia)

So bad that I hesitate to waste valuable oxygen on them.  They are economically reckless, ideological lunatics, political extemists and a danger to national security.

It was 'them' who caused a lot of the damage and loss of life in places like Kinglake due to their rabid insistence on NOT clearing trees from close to homes, and demanding that flammable rubbish that bridged fire breaks not be removed.

They are cupboard communist wolves in the white sheeps skins of environmental management.

Have you ever thought about how many people living in the Dandenong Ranges  (Victoria)  up hill and down dale they are like creeping ants all over the otherwise beautiful hillscape.  These are the 'greenies'.... oh yes they will strenuously claim their green environmental credentials, from their hillside homes that are like pock marks on the once beautiful skyline.  They have pontificated from their perches on the hillside, about how everyone else should toe their environmental line...they want a reduced 'carbon' footprint, but think nothing about their own human footprint on the pristine hills.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just how bad can a conservative Government get ? (this is the twin sibling for the other one about Labor)

Pretty damn bad!   Just look at what Mr Abbott promised and plotted in order to get elected and then compare that with the reality. I'm not referring here to the harsh budget or the alleged lies about 'not increasing taxes', though many people seem to have concerns about that very much needed economic remedial actions.

I'm referring to a couple of my pet issues.

1/ The NON repeal of Race Discrimination Act  18c

2/ The casting aside of their Renewable Targets in the name of pressing economic survival.

On issue 1 above, they can simply 'do' it.. after all they are 'in' for the next 2 yrs remaining. If anything is going to blow them up surely it will be more home base issues like our pockets not our desire if we have any to offend some joker because of his race.

On issue 2,   if they wanted to, they can just give us back the carbon tax we had before Gillard stuck her big foot in the issue by first lying about it.."No carbon tax under any government I lead" and then doing it anyway.
I'm referring to the most effective means of reducing our carbon footprint, ie... solar on roofs. We had subsidies ALREADY (scream yell, stomp my feet) before Gillard was elected.  The solar on roofs project became so effective the electricity companies started to whine about plummeting profits. Well to quote a cartoon personality. "duh".....

It seems a lot of Green tending voters are feeling even hotter under the collar about this kind of thing, (issue 2) and some are expressing the feeling that the environment minister should be shot (Greg Hunt) and the rest of the government 2nd in line.

Well, under my government of National Unity, I will re-establish the 'carbon tax' that was never called that and we will reduce our carbon footprint with renewables as if there will be no tomorrow if we don't!  That happens to be what a lot of people believe.

So to all you Green folks up their in 'them thar hills' which I often visit and where I talk to some of you, and can see your places from mine (down below)... forget the Green party, they will destroy the country on so many levels it's not even a bit funny.... continue to follow this blog and then the new political entity is announced, you can throw your support our way and we can save the country as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

High Skill, High Wages means lost jobs. (Australia)

We often hear Australian  Labor party voices bleating about high skill, high value, high wages.  But while this sounds great on the surface, this is what it means.

The more high tech the process, the more automated it will be. (less labor not more).  The more an industry automates, the less people it will employ.  For example, procedurally and most likely with various innovations, the construction industry used to require around 500 workers on the ground to build a multi story high rise building.  Nowadays it requires around 120 workers, and the buildings go up 'like a factory'. So.....what about the 380 workers who were previously needed?  They can only be taken up by other construction projects or they languish on the social scrap heap.

If militant Unions constantly crank up wages and costs by outrageous demands, Governments will be increasingly reluctant to allocate public funding to such projects no matter how efficient they might be. (This is happening right now in Victoria, Australia)

In any manufacturing industry, the increase in innovative automation is actually designed to remove people from the equation. Machines are cheap, people are not.  As the work force is pruned, the level of industrial militancy will also ramp up as Union Bosses wring their hands about their own jobs, which they protect with all the passion and violence of a Mafia cohort.

Toyota is a classic example of the process of degeneration and decline due to Union recalcitrance.

Read this first and see how it all could have been, continued if not for an inflexible Union the AMWU and it's bizarre demands. So.... what happened next?

Toyota has asked its 2500 employees at Altona to accept reduced conditions to help save the car plant.
The company was last week prevented by a Federal Court judgment from putting 27 cost-cutting measures to a vote of staff. (source)


Toyota has made the "heart-breaking" announcement that it will stop making cars in Australia in 2017, bringing an end to the nation's car manufacturing sector.  (source)

The full dimensions of this vile Unions attitude is seen in it's insistence to retain pay and wages in the face of the company needing to reduce manufacturing cost by $3800 per vehicle. One of the culprits here is Dave Smith of the AMWU. (he will be on the same 'train' to the remote 'spa' along with other fiends (my opinion) in that Union)
Plundering pirates like Smith and his AMWU don't care a damn about the workers other than in that they can keep HIM in a job. To achieve this he cries out for a government handout so a non profit making business with unsustainable wages and conditions can continue to feather HIS Union nest, while making you and I poor in the process.

Why does Toyota want to vary conditions ?

An Australian car manufacturer source says factory worker wages account for up to 65 per cent of a vehicle's manufacturing cost.  And they get around $50/hour!!! which is astonishingly high and more than a teacher gets.

Where does Australia's Copper Tube come from?

The Ore originates in numerous copper mines in Australia's outback. The ore is shipped (among other places) to Korea where a man owns a smelter and he (his company) transforms the ore into pure copper.  The copper is then drawn out into rod and tube, and exported back to Australia.  The man who owns the smelter in Korea, also owns the distribution company here in Scoresby, Melbourne, Victoria.

Does it strike anyone as 'odd' that 

a) We have the ore
b) We have the technology to smelt
c)  Apart from digging it up, we do nothing to produce value adding.
d) Is transport so costly that we cannot dig, smelt, process, use, and ship Copper to other countries ourselves?

There is something very wrong with the original picture portrayed at the beginning.
I believe this is something we can incorporate into our own National Renewal and Rejuvination Act when Australia is ruled by a Government of National Unity.

It goes without saying, but it's best to mention it, one reason Australia is not competitive in the production of Copper and Steel is the cost of Labor. Given that there will be no organized Labor in my Australia, this problem will no longer exist.

Who Am I ? (This blogger)

According to the Labor Candidate for Croydon with whom I just had discussions.. "very articulate".  According to another person "you know your stuff, why don't you stand?"  .. still others speak words of encouragement to stand for public office.

So....'who' am I?

I am many people.

I am Charles Martel at the battle of Tours in 732  but without his forced compliance/conversion approach to faith but with his determined victory of the forces of Islam.
I am Marcus Tulius Cicero,  the man who reduced Caesar to tears through his eloequent rhetoric and oratory. The man who went to a province as a Consul for Rome, and came back with the same in the bank as he had when he left, in contrast to the general appointee who came back with shipload of cash and plunder.
I am Plato  yet without some of his less savory political notions such as slavery, but with the understanding of the nature of a regime and the 5 major types.
I am Aristotle  same as above, but in his 'Politics' he speaks about how to create wealth, I am on the same page.

I am Thomas Hobbes, yet without his rigid notion of the absolute right of the sovereign, but with his notion of the natural state of man in his laws of nature.
I am John Locke, with his deep understanding of Tolerance of different ideas, yet with limits that safeguard the State.
I am Jeremy Benthem wanting the greatest happiness for the greatest number, but without his attempt to reduce this to a series of mathematical equations that simply do not work. I am also him though tempered by a realistic assessment of the practical nature of an ideology and how docile or dangerous it can be.
I am John Stuart Mill  in regard to Liberty,yet with some important proviso's that have impact on his ideas of a free press and personal liberty.

I am Adam Smith in his understanding of the guiding hand and free markets and the division of labor.

I am John Jacques Rousseau in his Social Contract,   yet without his own self justifying carnality that he confesses to in his 'Confessions'.
I am the man the disciples of the Frankfurt school and Herbert Marcuse will flee from.
I am John Rawls in his 'veil of ignorance' view of law making.

I am Political Science at Yale and Harvard
I am Psychology from Yale
I am History from the University of Wisconsin.
I am Dr Martin Luther King Jr, sharing his dream, but without the influence of the communist Stanley Levison or the rogue Unionist Walter Reuther.
I am Paul of Tarsus in his understanding of both human nature (Romans 1-3) and the nature of Government. (Romans 13) Like Paul (once 'Saul')  I had my political 'Damascus road' experience was led by the hand while politically blind, was healed by broad University study  and now embark on the direction of conscience.

I am not, and never could be Jesus who is above every name on earth, but would like to be like Him, and as Providence guides, it may be that I become more like him before departing this earth.

To those plotting evil, I am the judgement that scares even your worst imaginings in your worst nightmare.
To those plotting good, I am your friend and ally.
To those apathetic, lazy, uncaring, disinterested narcissists, I am a bad dream which will become an awful reality.

I am... the future Prime Minister of a Government of National Unity?
I am the one who will implement this program of reform.
I am...the Nation. (Australia)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Restoration of former Public Utilities to Public Ownership. (Australia)

I can still remember the feeling of security when the 'Gas and Fuel' company (state) was in existence, and the State Electricity Company, not to mention the 'Board of Works' and "Telecom".

These have all been privatized because of one simple reason.  The over zealous and misguided spending of Labor Governments triggered two things. Firstly the public dismay at the deterioration of our financial situation due to such lavish wallowing in spend city, and then this triggered an equally but opposite direction of trying to repay that accumulated debt by selling Government Utilities and companies.

They are now...*gone*... and the money we raised from there sale has done nothing but repay the squanderings of the scoundrels who mismanaged our Victorian state economy during the dark evil years of Labor (1982 to 1992).
No!  I am not saying this to affirm and glorify the other side of politics, I am telling it by way of explanation.

The old SEC used to be over-manned, inefficient, lazy  and  cumbersome. I know about the lazy because one of my first cousins told me about his life of leisure while working there. There is no reason whatsoever why a State run corporation cannot be trim, terrific and talented and the primary reason they were not so in the past was Union trouble. Under my Government there will be no Unions, and Corporations, state and private will have the freedom to flourish without the trouble currently caused by corrupt Labor Unions.

There was a sort of 'socialist' element to the old State corporations. I prefer not to call it that, but I just know that to get an electricity connection was affordable and easy, same with a gas connection etc.  I truly miss those days and I am very very angry at those who stuffed up our State through scandalous squandering of our treasury for the sake of short term electoral gains.

That's another issue I will address as Prime Minister... the adversarial system will be abolished. It causes so much waste of energy and resources and produces two bunches of pragmatic liars who will say black today and white tomorrow if it suits their electoral hopes.

I like to dream of a day when we can run a State corporation in a lean efficient manner and with the right people guiding them, it is abundantly possible. We have learned much about how to run a tight ship these days and this does not mean we have to milk or bleed the public dry to the last obtainable cent just to connect them to the services they desperately need.

Let private enterprise do it's thing and invent or grow or dig things, and sell them for export and our own consumption, but there are some fundamental areas of our social order and economy that should be natural reason be in State hands. Specially those segments which were already making a profit and can continue to do so for the well being of the people.

Just how bad can a Victorian Labor Government get ? (Victoria)

Bed time reading just prior to Nov 29th 2014

This is not intended as any kind of endorsement for the Liberal party or it's lapdog the Nationals. This is a critique of the 'spend spend' mentality of the 'takers' (Labor/Left) and the frenzied attempts by the Makers (Private enterprise based Liberals and their cow cocky mates in the Nationals).  I am seeking to illustrate why our adversarial and polarized political playing field is fundamentally flawed and to offer a solution.

In a well written piece in 'Australian Politics'  we find this little snippit which has some important background and need for explanation. Referring to Jeff Kennett's Liberal/National backbenchers...... 1992ish.

Kennet Slash and Burn 
these are the backbenchers who sat by while their government decimated the state’s schools, ran down the hospitals, sold off the public’s utility assets, turned the Central Business District into a giant advertisement for the Crown Casino, disposed of thousands of public servants, presided over a dangerously degraded ambulance system and systematically set about undermining the democratic safeguards built up over many decades. 

It seems that the author of that piece is one of the 'spenders' or the 'takers'  but this roasting of Kennett and his crew is symptomatic of a deeper underlying issue.


Aunty Joan Kirner, that snuggly motherly type  you want to cuddle up to even when your are 50, had done wonders for the Victorian economy, ie....she had trashed it in the name of compassion. The author excoriates further from his perch on the left side of the political spectrum with:

"this is a government that elevates the bottom line to the status of holy writ and which cheerfully disregards the social responsibility of government."

All fine and dandy, but now we can peek into the gizzards of the rule of the takers/spenders more closely.
And....here it is, warts and all:

The Labor government, in power since the 1982 election, was dogged in its final term by a series of scandals and major corporate collapses which, like neighbouring South Australia, extended and deepened the early 1990s recession in those states. Unemployment reached 11.6% in Victoria in March 1992, with the manufacturing and textiles sector being particularly affected, while state debt was estimated at $30 billion. The State Bank of Victoria, the Victorian Economic Development Corporation (VEDC),  Tricontinental and Pyramid Building Society failed, whilst the government-backed WorkCare insurance scheme was not in good shape. The Liberal party commenced an advertising campaign in January 1992 with the slogan "Labor: the Guilty Party"

Hmmmmm...... now.. does anyone other than the 'one eyed Collingwood' type Labor rusted on stalwart see the big piccy here? Let's summarize the sequence.

1/  1982-1992 Labor trashes the Economy... $30 billion in debt!
2/  1992...       Kennett and Liberals win in a landslide, and now we see.....

i) Sale of public Assets.   State Electricity Corporation reaped $22 billion
ii) Kennett slash and burn (see above)

Is the equation beginning to make sense?  The spenders/takers (Labor) might have thought "hey... it doesn't matter if we spend all this money on failed enterprises and social programs... we can just TAX the citizens to the nth degree to pay for it all.".. and that idea would have a reception among the tax paying public like a pork chop at a bar mitzvah!   Then, it's not as though this reckless government would simply take a deep breath and stop spending like there is no tomorrow..nope.. they would be keeping on with it until they drive a stake into the financial heart of our state and kill us in the bizarre twighlight zone they live in where money grows on trees.

One reason Labor enterprises fail is that the whole party is an extension of the 'taker' mentality in the Trades Union movement.  Their DNA is not about 'making' it is about taking and the shocking revelations of one of Labor's supporters the CFMEU should be sufficient to persuade even the most stubborn 'logic denialist' of this truth.
I met a builder the other day who shared about one Union man who had the ethics and ethos of being there for the right reasons and for the workers genuine interests (not meaning their outrageously greed interests) and he was offered $350,000 to sit down, shut up and goooo away!... when he refused the offer he thereafter lived in fear for his life. The only solution to those vultures who intimidated him like that is a bigger Eagle with sharper longer talons and a bigger beak.

Whether it's the takers or the makers, they BOTH represent ologarchies of power and privilege. Unfortunately the Liberals and Nationals represent 'old money and land' and tend to want to feather the network nest related to that situation. Social spending is probably 'begrudging' at best and 'desperate reaction' at worst.   The Labor movement might have it's roots in Sunshine and St Albans, but it's leaders now live in plush penthouses in Port Melbourne and inhabit the board rooms of Collins street along with the Toorak types, even if it's just to thump on the table and say "This much" when jokers like Bruno Grollo rock up to Norm Gallagher and ask "How much?"

Yes...and it depends on a clean sweep of all these rogues and a clean up of our national ethos. It requires radical surgery to remove the reluctant cancer of corruption and the medication and newly chemically sharpened scalpel are found.....here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Maths Professor, the Unionist and the Builder. (Today on the Campaign Trail.)

First up I spent some time with a Maths professor from Monash University who is Left leaning. I asked if he's heard of Keynesian economic theory? (the type taught at Deakin University) and after some discussion he succinctly put it as only a maths wiz could.. "It only works in a closed system".  This absolutely made my day!  It summed up the fatal flaws in Keynes ideas in today's context.

Keynes                                                                                           Governments/Community

Borrow from inside the Nation.                                                     Borrowing from outside sources.

Keep Wages high.                                                                          Makes a global village nation less competitive.

Stimulate the Economy, Inject Money                                           Yes, this is what Governments are doing.

The resultant multiplier effect increases 'aggregate demand'        The community is buying goods, yes...which are
resulting in more disposable income and the ability to buy          made in.....China, not Australia. Services do not add
goods and services.                                                                        growth to the economy, they simply shift it around.

In a closed system with a strong manufacturing base, Keynes theory works well. Sadly, that world has long gone for Australia.

This interview stunned me and made my ears tingle. He was a trusted lieutenant of a major Union boss and had to do many shady things to  provide "intel" to the Union about what the Employer was doing. I can't reveal too much for his safety's sake, but he ended up becoming very disillusioned, because what he was doing was highly valuable but there was no reward. He spiraled down and into booze, eventually having a breakdown and getting out. Suffice to say that what he revealed about what went on was spine chilling.

THE BUILDER. In another interview I was informed about a former Bank manager who wanted to 'do' something rather than sitting around at home in his retirement. He went to work for the construction company doing "East Link".  But they paid him $80/hour to do.....*nothing*.  It appears that this was during a time when the Labor government wanted to be seen to be 'creating jobs'...and it seems that it was 'jobs at any price'.
Then the schools "Stimulus" saga continued. Our 'el presidente' Juliar Gillard  at the time spake eloquently about stimulating the economy (Keynes approach) and this manifested in 'school halls' which gave many jobs to construction companies. Government schools were given $750,000 to build school halls. Can you guess what the quotes from builders came in at ?  hmmm take a wild guess!   Yep...$749,000.  In one case a catholic school was given $2,000,000 and they looked at each other (in the school) and wondered what the heck they were supposed to do with it!

His final anecdote involved a genuine 'good guy' in the Union who was there to do the right thing by the workers (as opposed to the right thing for the 'Union Thug Bosses')  He was offered $350,000 to sit down and shut up and go away.....but declined the offer and remained, but with the fear of losing his life.   Ask yourself this please... if Corrupt Unionists are willing to bribe a decent man into equal corruption with $350,000 how much must they be making by their own corruption?

This is all further evidence of why there must be no trials for Union leaders, they have to be trucked off with their organizers to remote detention camps until Australia is fixed and they are no longer relevant. You cannot negotiate with Cancer, unless you get the cancer, the cancer will get you.

The National Prosperity and Rejuvenation Act. (Australia)

"But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason." 
(Rom 13:4)

The merciless sacrifice of Toyota and GMH workers by the AMWU has not been unnoticed, nor will the memory fade, nor will it be forgotten or forgiven.The 'sword' is raised, ready to slash!

When my government is installed with the consent of the people of Australia, we will act quickly and decisively to fix the nation and restore the dignity of these cast aside workers.

Note carefully the wording of the title, it is not a 'Bill' to be debated it is an "Act" to be implemented.

The NPR Act will be an 'overlay' across the whole of the national law, social  and security legislation and will be the determining voice in all related matters. I know what this feels like. If you live in a nice area surrounded by beautiful vegetation, but the land is under utilized other than to give the warm fuzzies to the lucky occupants,  and you decide you wish to provide affordable housing to a number of struggling families, you would be faced with what is called a 'Green Wedge Zone A overlay'. (GWO)  This is where all normal laws relating to the development of land are suspended, subject to the planning conditions of the GWO.

Human Rights Commissions and law operate on this kind of 'overlay' level.  In an interesting case where the very sovereignty of Australia is at stake, a  'progressive' (= Socialist knobhead)  judge ruled that Victorian law did not apply, and that 'Human Rights' law prohibited the Director of Public Housing from reclaiming a home that was being illegally occupied by a migrant. In other words the Residential Tenancies Act which was passed through our houses of Parliament with the consent of the people, was trumped by so called "human rights" law which was NOT passed by the consent of the people. The Judge even said the Director of Housing made an 'unlawful' decision even in following the Residential Tenancies Act.

Given the diabolical and unconscionable conduct of various trade unions who think nothing of hurling whole factories of workers onto the human scrap heap in order to keep control of an ever diminishing power base, (AMWU re Toyota workers) and others (CFMEU) being willing and determined to blockade the construction of Cancer Centres and Childrens hospitals to extort concessions from the construction companies that provide for 'their' members to be employed to the exclusion of any free labor market approach, then you might begin to understand why this NPR Act will include National Security provisions that involve the castrating and collapsing of such evil in our generally tolerant society.

The Following will be implemented.

i) AMWU, ETU TWU, MUA,CFMEU, AWU,NUW, AEU, ANF and others will be abolished  by the government, without compensation, their assets liquidated, their executives and all organizers detained indefinitely and the proceeds from the sale of the Union assets and their assets will be returned to all workers, proportionately more will be returned/allocated to those who have been 'scrapped' by these callous greedy Union leaders where the Company has elected to close rather than continue under the extortion and domination of such Unions.

Projects which have been implemented with the following,
The project was hit by cost overruns, with an independent review initiated by the government in late 1982, finding excessive rates of pay for construction and operation staff, poor project management, over investment in both the coal mine and power station and general overmanning.(source)

- will be re established on viable and fair guidelines.
This will include the Desalination Plant and others which have been turned into 'cash cows' at public expense for a small number of well connected Union people. (CFMEU and ETU are the main culprits here.)
These projects will be 'reset' onto a more fiscally responsible, secure and nationally just basis.

ii) Public Service Unions will be dismantled, and if any of their executives are found to be in the same ideological mould as the above, they will also face indefinite detention.

iii) Unions will be replaced with In House "Consultative Councils" comprising elected representatives from all levels of the company.  The goal of these councils will be to advance the company in total and increase the share of the prosperity of the so called 'workers'. (the concept of 'worker' and 'boss' will be removed from the industrial landscape vocabulary of Australia) Profit Sharing and/or share allocation will be encouraged and depending on the size of the corporation, implemented by law.

iv) Above all of this will be an enhanced ombudsman department of State which will be the 'ultimate predator' so to speak to keep the minor harpie's in line* (Corporations which abuse the new-found liberation at the expense of employees)  One such example is the company "Eton" in Kilsyth. This company provides  transmissions and differentials to Kenworth and the truck industry. It appears they import basic units from China, then do some modifications to them for the local market. Employees were once told "Boys, we will have to tighten our belts, and improve efficiencies or all the processes will be done in China"**  This was said to the workers just after the management had held a 'bonding weekend' retreat where they all sipped the finest wines, dined on the nicest cuisine and played on their privided Segway" fun machines.

v) The Act will contain provisions for 'monitoring' of the conduct of Corporate executives to ensure they don't get too carried away and ignore natural justice for employees.
vi) Human Rights Commissions and numerous costly departments and positions in the 'multi' cultural network  will be dismantled and recovered funds from  the previous expenditure will be allocated towards a raft of other prosperity measures to be determined in due course. They will include celebration of unity rather than diversity.

vii) Industry, mining and agriculture will be encouraged not hamstrung. (we have little else to bring in foreign currency)
viii) A Department will be established for hasty global technical approvals of innovative products where subsidies can assist brilliant new products become 'market ready'. Assistance with Patent approvals will be provided based on a means test.

This feeds back and connects to the 'Political and Social Renewal of Australia' entry.

* see John Stuart Mill "On Liberty" search "minor" using the pdf to find the relevant quote. 

** Apparently there is a company called "Segway" something or other, which hosts 'team building' events. It appears the Eton bosses made use of one of these. It's not a good look though to then tell the workers  to tighten their belts or else.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The firm contradictory Science behind failed fragile MultiCulturalism.

Is there a scientific basis for regarding MultiCulturalism as a flawed and failed idea?  Absolutely there is!

No amount of PC shaming can turn the solid science into a sham.

MultiCulturalism is a time bomb waiting to go off.   There is one major source of the science of  'groups' that demonstrate this clearly.  It's the Robbers Cave experiment carried out through Yale university.  How this translates into sudden and volatile mass murder is patently obvious in the following article.


So, next time you hear a desperate and degenerate politician blabbering about "Multi" culturalism, just beware and remember that your 'friendly' neighbor of today, might become your unconscionable murderer tomorrow if things change.

A Battered Iraq and Syria and a Broke American Ally.

We are hearing a lot of political 'chatter' today regarding the rise of I.S. and how we are going to  thump them and thrash them and lay them waste.  The American ambassador to UK  is chirping and muttering (much like the false prophets of ancient Israel) and speaking with a confidence that the economic reality at home would not provide for.

America is....broke.  Even if they wanted to put boots on the ground in the Middle East, they don't have the $$$ to fund it.  It's like when you face a boxing opponent who was once great, but now he has a flabby belly, has not trained seriously for months and knows damn well he doesn't have 'it' any more. His bravado looks fake, and contrived, his eyes are glazed over as windows into his neglected soul, and after the first round he will be on his back, puffing, panting and trying to regain consciousness.

I wish it were not so, I wish also that the political opposition in the USA had a magic plan and maybe a wand with which to restore this once great nation.  There are some voices for sound economics speaking in the wilderness over there, yes, it's the Tea Party, but the Republicans are not much different from how they were when William Jennings Bryan made his iconic speech on the currency standard.  Bryan stood out as a 'proto tea party' stalwart. A man who was prepared to bite the bit, speak the truth, and stay the course. Here is his speech.

America, the time has come for you to depart from the boring battered course of the same old same old divisive  two party politics and for a man or woman to stand up for common sense, truth and the values that brought America into being in the first place. Bryan was a Democrat when that had a much better meaning than the greedy partisan 'power at any price' parasites that are the modern Democratic party.

"This is not a contest of persons, even the humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause can withstand all that the hosts of error bring against him" (WJB)

How the AMWU destroyed Toyota Australia and 200,000 jobs.

and....how the AMWU and it's leadership and organizers will be held 110% accountable for the loss of Toyota (and Holden and Ford) from the Australian manufacturing landscape.

Today I met a Toyota worker on my campaigning rounds for political renewal in Australia.  I'll give you the short sharp version which explains why all those AMWU leaders and organizers will, like other Union vermin, be provided an indefinite stay in a 'recreational spa' in a remote and inaccessible part of Australia under my Government. The simple fact is, when Toyota said it needed to reduce the cost of vehicles manufactured here, and proposed a number of variations to work place conditions (none of which were overly harsh) the AMWU did NOT, repeat NOT give the workers a vote on the issue, they went straight to Fair (so called) Work Australia, fought Toyota in the courts, and won.

It must be emphasized that the 'mood' among the workers at Toyota was generally positive and agreeable to the variations, -they wanted to keep their jobs (pay their mortgages and educate their children).  There were (are) some people working there who absent themselves just about 50% of the time, but cannot be sacked due to.....Union resistance.

"NO VOTE" for workers on an issue of their survival, is evil, it is tyranny, and these scum will be the recipients of indefinite detention without trial as a consequence, so they might learn that you cannot sacrifice the jobs and lives of 1000s of Australian workers on the blood soaked alter of ideological lunacy, Union lust for 'control at any cost' and the plush job security of these vile Union bosses.  Let's be clear, the only reason the Union fought Toyota was so it's own leaders can keep their jobs while the workers languish in the misery and poverty of being placed on the scrapheap of 'past use-by date'.  To this writer, that is a crime against humanity and must be treated as such.

Even a veritable army of lawyers from the whole of Slater and Gordon will have zero impact on this, because during the reset/renew stage of National Renewal,   all such laws that would enable legal defense of their just incarceration will be suspended.

The Unionist today is disenchanted, disillusioned, depressed and might even think he/she has been defeated by the power of these callous thugs tho preside over their economic deterioration and impending destitution. This person needs a 'great and powerful friend' who is greater in strength than the Union, we represent that strength!

In order to realize the true foundation of the problem, and they level of AMWU hypocrisy, you need only look at their web site and see their 'Campaigns' tab. It opens up a 'Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia' report allegedly done by 'Non Government' study group of the 'Prime Ministers dept'. Owww..this looks like it needs some further examination. First the report is dated August 2012 which means it was a Labor Prime Minister. Then we see a very key phrase in the woffle "we need to unleash the demand side" ah -HAH! .. 'that' is code for Keynesian economic theory which is completely outmoded for the modern world, especially with Governments which love to borrow from outside the country.

On Page 45 of this 'baffle em with bullshit' report,  (excuse the expletive) it shows a 'case study' of a company called 'Futuris' which makes vehicle seating in Port Melbourne.  The report then applaudes them for supplying ....guess who ?  Ford, Holden and Toyota..  all of which have bitten the dust when this same Union refused to do the only thing which would have kept this industry afloat.... cut...COSTS (65% of which are Labour).  Aaah...the good old greeeeedy socialists, who want every one but THEM to bear the cost of their petty little social utopia. They couldn't care less if the Nation goes down in a screaming heap, as long as 'they' reap the few remaining benefits and retain their deplorable lifestyle of sponging off the rest of us just to self justify their outdated ideology. "It has to be true... yes.. really... so let's make it at least true...for us"

This 'report' was nothing but a Labor smoke and mirrors attempt to legitimize their own incompetence by using a few academic names.

There was a time when the communists could point to the unbridled luxury and privilege of the 'Capitalists' and threaten to overturn their power and give the proceeds to the 'working class'....We think this is not a bad principle except that it's not the assets or lifestyle of the so called capitalists we will target it is the assets of the SuperRich Union bosses and the Union assets. We will identify those who have been 'scrapped' by these pernicious parasites, and liquidate the Union assets and distribute them to the workers who have lost their jobs at Toyota, Holden and Ford. We will also examine those who have been made redundant at peripheral supply chain factories who can demonstrate they were let go because of the lost work at these major companies, and provide something for them also.

By way of 'how much' assets do these Unions hold? We don't yet know regarding the AMWU, but for the ETU it's in excess of $40,000,000.  Not a bad sort of number to imagine split between  a few thousand former workers!

All AMWU leaders (The Executive, national and state) and organizers (130) will be provided 'luxury' accommodation at this remote 'getaway spa' where they will learn that 'work makes you free'. As they enjoy the broad vistas and view from their 'transport' they can all sing and chant "The Workers, united, will never be defeated"

Monday, September 8, 2014

"The Company" and social responsibility. (America- The Foley/Molloy Connecticut Governors Debate Sept 8th 2014)

Here is an interesting example of just that:

Bibb Manufacturing Connecticut, USA (Cotton related Manufacturing)

Before looking at the big picture of this company's history, let's narrow the focus for a moment to the debate happening right now (on my TV) between Democrat Molloy and Republican Tom Foley for Governorship of Connecticut in 2014. Molloy is attacking Foley for his 'brutal' selling off of  Bibb entities in 1995, but you might like to check out the flow of this company history from the beginning to properly contextualize Molloy's attack and Foley's own actions that Molloy criticizes.

As the company grew, so did the surrounding mill communities. Bibb provided company housing, churches, and schools; other structures included swimming pools, auditoriums, and gymnasiums. By the 1920s each of the Bibb communities also had an on-site social worker who implemented clubs, athletic programs, and medical care.

We must never ever forget though, that in a global economic playing field, when other nations are playing the game, they might have a completely different set of challenges and benefits such as much lower labor cost etc.... and as long as 'we' cannot influence that, we must respond robustly to the reality rather than the short sighted dream of being able to always control our future.  Looking at the ongoing history of Bibb we can see how things worked out.
All the above prosperity was from the beginnings of the company to  the pre depression era.

Like mills all over the South, Bibb experienced problems and worker unrest with the onset of the Great Depression. In 1934 there was a general textile strike that involved thousands of workers. At the time Anderson was also president of the American Cotton Manufacturer's Association, which supported mill owners. But he also felt a responsibility to his loyal employees. Anderson called in the National Guard to stand watch over Bibb mills during the strike. This action locked out strikers and kept the mills from unionizing.

UNIONS?   It should be abundantly clear that a depression means you have little work.  Therefore the ability to pay high wages has evaporated. Just to stay afloat during such times is a ginormous task, so... we need to look at how this work force all of a sudden became vulnerable to 'outside' influences who wanted to Unionize them?  Even if they unionized, how would this help  them when the global outlook is depressed? It's a no brainer. No amount of strikes can do anything other than advance the political interests of those seeking to organize such a strike, and it certainly cannot and will not help the workers at Bibb.

There is only so much money out there and whining and raging against an obviously bevevolent corporation will not magically produce more.

In1937 Bibb acquired another Columbus mill, the Meritas Mill, and renamed it the Anderson Mill. During WWII (1941-45) the company was the largest war-industry producer in Georgia. William Anderson retired in 1947, but Bibb continued to grow under his successor, Charles Hertwig. In the next decades the company acquired more mills in Georgia, including the Forsyth Mill, the Bellvue Mill (Macon), the Arnall and Arnco mills in Coweta County. Plant Camilla near Juliett, Plant Laurel near Potterville, and two additional plants in Monroe County. By 1966 Bibb had fourteen mills in operation.

In 1956 Robert Train, grandson of Hugh Comer, was appointed president. By this time textile mills all over the South were faltering. Bibb had acquired additional factories in other states but began to sell its company housing in the 1960s. By 1970, when William S. Manning became president, some of the factories were put up for sale. The succeeding decades saw more closures for Bibb. In 1996, under CEO Michael Fulbright, the Bibb Companies went through bankruptcy reorganization. Unable to recover economically, the company was sold in 1998 to the Dan River Corporation of Virginia.

The centerpiece of Bibb City was Bibb Manufacturing Company's 750,000 sq ft (70,000 m2) Columbus Mill. At its peak, the mill employed 2,500 workers and stood as the largest cotton mill in the United States.
Shortly after midnight on October 30, 2008, the 750,000 sq ft (70,000 m2) Columbus Mill was destroyed by a massive fire . After a four-day joint investigation by the ATF and the Columbus Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, the cause of the blaze remained undetermined. (err...no kidding !)

This sorry saga is typical of much of Western Industry during the rise of the 'Tiger' economies and China. Let me emphasize yet again, no amount of whining or raging against the corporation can or will alter this global reality.
So the fake and false promises of desperate Unionists seeking to gain control of such workforces has nothing to do with rejuvenating the companies, but everything to do with gaining control of the workers themselves!  This is where we must look much further afield to the big picture of global socio political intrigue to comprehend what is really going on.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

If this life is all you have, wouldn't you make the most of it? Ayn Rand.

The principle underlying Ayn Rands "selfishness is good" philosophy of "Objectivism" is that this world is all we have. This life....no other.  This leads immediately to a nihilistic narcissism, because contrary to Rands qualifying comments "This (Objectivism) doesn't mean exploiting people".. really???  I'm sorry Ms Rand, but that's exactly what it means whether you like it or not!

Another person  who spoke about this life was St. Paul the Apostle.

19 If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied. (1 Cor 15)

Yep...I guess that's honesty like a hobnailed boot to the face... it's shooting from the hip, it's between the eyes.

 But it's also based on  a far greater foundation than Rands speculative neo epicurean philosophical posture which is nothing new at all, it's been around since the ancient Greek days.

But for the reader scrupulous to detail and nuance, you will quickly realize that Rands world is also a hopeless world, and a primal one. No greater contrast could be found than that which Paul puts forward which is based on the resurrection of Christ and the significance of His atoning death.

Food for thought?

Prosperous Germany, Preposterous Strikes. Why Trade Unions will be obliterated under my Government.

Deutsche Bahn's personnel director Margret Suckale said on Tuesday that she doesn't think the 11 percent salary increase justifies "paralyzing Germany again." GDL staged several strikes last year when negotiations broke down.
The GDL strike comes as service workers in other industries strike across the nation in unrelated wage conflicts. On Tuesday, garbage collectors, nurses, and bus drivers, stage hands, daycare workers and other workers in 11 of Germany's 16 states all walked off the job as a warning to state-sector employers.  (source)

Read it, but don't weep. You are witnessing the unsurpassed greed of the unionized worker under the guidance of his and her gratuitous leadership, which has long left behind the marxist ideological motive and replaced it with the new narcissism of this new Age of nihilisim.

Adolph Hitler once remarked:

By my twentieth year I had learned to distinguish between a union as a means of defending the general social rights of the wage-earner, and obtaining better living conditions for him as an individual, and the trade union as an instrument of the party in the political class struggle.

If people sincerely and dogmatically believe in an ideological cause, you can at least partially forgive them for driving hard to achieve their agenda.  But the modern Unionized public service and major industry remnants of what used to be thriving economies had lead now to a narcissism of existentialist, epicurean greed of monumental proportions.

Hitler was wrong, terribly terribly wrong about many issues, but on this matter he was right, but his observation did not even reach to the depths of this obscene greed now permeating organized Labor.  The other day I met a man who had the full responsibility of supervising and managing the construction of high rise skyscrapers and he related how many of the 'workers' were being paid more than he. I met him in a situation where he was doing 'handyman' work to stay afloat due to the drying up of Government funded construction work. (Knowing something about Mr Setka and his CFMEU does this surprise you?  Oh...by the way, HE still has his very high paying job)
This absurdity of our adversarial political system is brought into clear relief when you consider that a member of the CFMEU who holds a lollypop stick saying "go/stop" for traffic control at building sites can be paid up to $100k plus in 'wages'. Yet a teacher who is struggling with a class of children is, on entry paid something like $55,000 which can, after some years of seniority reach $80k.

There is something very very wrong with this picture and I intend to fix it if  providence allows. The problem is not that the teacher is paid so little, it is that the man with the stick is paid so much! 

Organized Labor must go.  

BUT!....If you are a 'captain of industry' and you happen to be reading in this a licence to exploit, extract, maneuver your company into a slim trim money making machine at any cost..... slow down a bit because our initiatives will be aimed at just and fair outcomes to economic and social challenges within a competitive global arena.  As a simple example, if you are bigggg bank, making almost uncountable profit as things are,  and you have a large call centre in Melbourne employing 600 people (with mortgages and families), but you recognize that you can save money, increase profits on top of an already mountainous level of profit, well, to quote FDR "Recognition of the falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of the false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profit; and there must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing." 

Even if 'you' that Bank or banks do not take the above to heart, WE the Government (i.e...the people) will, and any Bank that seeks to bleed the community for the sake of such callous greed will reap the consequences in no short order. Arguments about shareholder value and free market capitalism will fall on very deaf ears in that kind of case. We will implement a 'social responsibility' test for large and small corporations. One example might be this, "if you sack 600 employees and export their jobs WHILE you are an extremely profitable company, we will tax you double the estimated savings you think you will make buy sacking those workers. If you cannot develop anything other than a strict ideological heart of stone, we might take a hammer and chisel to  you and 'sculpt' you down to size.

Speaking about a heart of stone, I discovered while campaigning yesterday, that the AMWU did not give Toyota Workers a vote on the proposed changes to their work conditions, yet the mood among workers was 'yes' to the changes.

HOWEVER... if you are a company that is struggling in a global market, and you are not even making a profit, and your Labor happens to demand more bigger and better.... be assured you will be helped by a sympathetic government to reach a workable economic outcome. This is kind of a moot point, because Trade Unions will not exist under our regime. (the Regime of the People, the Sovereign, through the Executive)

Organized Labor must go, and an Organized NATION that protects the legitimate interests of all must come.

Why Pericles is wrong (Online Opinion) "Rotherham Muslim abuse of Children"

ONLINEOPINION is a forum for discussion of current events. The forum discussion and article where this post is found is here.

This absolute duffer of a bloke "Pericles" is making a nuisance of himself yet again. He sits back while everyone else goes though the effort of delving into one of the worst scandals of British police history (Rotherham child sex abuse by Muslims) then snipes from the sidelines after something like 50 posts and jumps in in  his favorite role:
"Apologist for Islam and Attacker of non Muslims who criticize it".

The sad thing about this Pericles character is that he does have a brain, seems an intelligent joker but on the issue of Islam he either doesn't use that brain, or, he uses it to derail legitimate criticism of that vile faith and seeks to elevate it to the same level of other faiths and to be regarded as "one among many equals" so to speak.

I won't waste too much precious oxygen on this drongo Pericles, but simply show why he is patently wrong (or patently evil?)

His statement here in response to another poster named "Conservative Hippie".

I love the irony, Conservative Hippie.
>>A government along the lines of the National Socialist in 1939 Germany perhaps?<<
A government less disposed to multiculturalism would be hard to identify, would it not.

But pointing the finger at "multiculturalism" is to miss the point. No race or religion has a monopoly on sin, and to blame the religion itself for systematic sexual exploitation of children is simplistic, and wrong.

Now, note the firm and unambiguous affirmation of this Pericles character: "to blame the religion itself"..... is simplistic and wrong.

Here is how the Quran came about and the circumstances which produced it.
This is from the Hadith Collection of Abu Dawud, (4th  ranked after the Quran, Hadith Bukhari and Hadith Muslim)

Chapter: Regarding Intercourse With Captives
باب فِي وَطْءِ السَّبَايَا
Abu Sa’id Al Khudri said “The Apostle of Allaah(ﷺ) sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of Apostle of Allaah(ﷺ) were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So, Allaah the exalted sent down the Qur’anic verse “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hand posses.” This is to say they are lawful for them when they complete their waiting period. (Sunan Abu Dawud number 2150)

I think you are capable of deciphering what went on in that encounter recorded above, but for the slow in working it out, it is essentially declaring that Muhammad's 'companions' wanted to have sex with the captive women while their husbands (also captives) were around. That in itself is bad enough, (it would have to mean 'rape') but the deep darkness that is Islam emerges from the section saying "But then Allah sent down".....  what? Permission to rape women in the presence of their husbands!!!!!  Now this clearly and finally nails Mr Pericles to the alter of his own humiliation and error, and he does deserve to be sacrificed there.

The best treatment for this Pericles moron is to ignore him or to just call him out for what he is.. an appalling unconscionable apologist for evil and vileness that is Islam.

An Economic and Educational Reason why Australia needs a firm hand of Political Guidance.


When chatting with an Economics professor from Deakin University a while back, he intimated that they teach the econonomic method and prinicples of John Maynard Keynes, rather than those of Austrian school Friedrich von Hayek.

The main difference between these two schools of economic thought are fairly straightforward. Aside from the biological fact that Keynes lived half his life as a homosexual and the rest as a heterosexual, and Hayek did not have any such abhorrent sexual aberration in his conduct, it boils down to...

Hayek saying "spend what you have, don't fall into the trap of debt" and

Keynes saying "Borrow, Stimulate, keep wages high and this will keep aggregate (consumer) demand high and promote manufacturing industry, production and prosperity"

Here is the basic problem with Keynes-enomics in our present historical context. (as in..'how' it is utilized wrongly)

i) Keynes taught "Borrow from INside your country, from savings of your OWN people." (This means you sell treasury bonds to your citizens who use their savings to buy them,  at a guaranteed interest rate)
ii) Keep wages high. (except that all that does today is wave the Peoples Republic of China flag of prosperity)
iii) Higher 'Aggregate demand' (people have money, therefore they will buy things)  will unleash more disposable income and will cause people to buy things, such as consumer goods.  This will produce a 'multiplier effect' to ripple through the economy and bring heaven on a stick and utopia to all.

PROBLEM.  When Keynes wrote his theories, industry and manufacturing was strong in the UK and America. Therefore, translating his theory of 'aggregate demand' into the world he lived in was viable. British factories would produce more 'things' for people to buy, and this means  the released savings from those who bought the treasury bonds is now providing work and wealth for the nation. ...... ?  Sounds good in theory.

But today, most consumer goods are made.....where?  *bingo*....in China. (or Germany) So, the 'borrow and stimulate' theory falls down at that level for a start when these cashed up consumers on high wages buy things, they are in fact increasing our balance of trade troubles and increasing our debt to other countries. Even the wages generated in this multiplier cycle are not adding to our economy they are merely redistributing existing wealth.

That situation might be tolerable for a while, and the real damage not felt for perhaps.... one more electoral cycle ?

But it's worse than this, because according to my 'deep throat' inside the Victorian Treasury dept (a senior economist) 'we' are borrowing not from our selves but from others outside the country.

So let's put all this together.

i) We borrow from outside the nation to stimulate the economy and 'create jobs', which increases our liabilities and national debt.
ii) The Economy, now stimulated, leads to some people having more money which they then spend on......imported goods which......increases our liabilities and national debt.

POLITICAL SOLUTION.  In short, there is no so called 'democratic' solution in the usual sense of this word when our social order is fundamentally divided between two major parties. The only plausible behavior of such parties will be to hurl criticism and abuse at the incumbents for all their economic and social sins, then when they end up  in power, they will do the same damn things, except punish a different group of citizens!  Just look at what Mr Hockey said a while back.... "We need to lift the debt ceiling to 600 billion dollars".   They are trying to prune our debt with some very  unpopular measures that are like giving the political opposition a can of kero to chuck on a smouldering fire.  Mr Shorten is trying to short sheet our future for the sake of the oligarchy behind his own party.

Even though well all know that a surgeon might hurt us but not harm us, we don't quite see it that way when 'our' little patch is effected by some financial cut.  Remember the fuel excise thing? That would effect me because I travel at least 200km per day. But having said all the above it would be a bit rich for me to then whine  'but wadabout meeeee?'

So, our adversarial political divide is the greatest single barrier to solving our problems! The only solution is for benevolently inclined 'dictator' who has a few clues about economics and is robust enough to withstand the torrent of abuse from self interested parties flooded on him or her, with a sunset clause in his/her establishment that limits the duration of that mode of government.

Rousseau, in his Social Contract, recognized clearly that some forms of government are suitable for one nation but not for others and that one form might be unsuitable for a nation now, but very suitable later depending on the circumstances.

I think we are at that cross roads now.

My solution, which I am promoting every day is this, and this.

and..perhaps this: (Speech Snippit)

The Political Right hungers for prosperity from the Mansion down...
The Political Left thirsts for prosperity from the Manger up....
But I say to you fellow Australians, we must all play the game of life together like a team of  competitive rowers, all sharing the load, all pulling on an oar and all sharing in the glorious destiny.
There is no dignity or justice if some of that team just go through the motions of pulling their oar while the others have to pull harder just to stay in the race.
To win this race of life, we need someone to call the stroke,  a leader. But without the rowers, he goes nowhere. They, without him calling the stroke, are a confused mob that goes everywhere. No coordination, no synchronization, all over the place. They have all the speed, direction and focus of a one legged centipede.
We must have a symbiotic relationship of mutual trust and dedication for the Leader and the Led.
The ruler is nothing without the ruled, the ruled are aimless and directionless without the ruler.

We must come through the cross-winds of serving the public, and withstand the cross-fire of cruel political combat and stay out of the cross-hairs of the dark forces of blatant greed among us.

I would rather sink and drown in the calm  sea of a clear conscience than be carried off by the pirates of political correctness in the leaky ship of spineless moral and political compromise,  captained by the ethical elasticity of the Labor party and navigated by the vulgar Greens into a social, economic and political  catastrophe.
So much for the Left. The Right is not off the hook either. They play the blame game and the shame game as much as anyone. They stand perched in postures of  parliamentary and social  privilege and claim to be 'doing' something, but in the  final analysis, they have done nothing but look tough and act a bit rough to persuade you they've done enough.

We need lawyers who care more about justice than a judgeship
We need Doctors who care more about a cure than a cashed up career.
We need construction workers who care more about a quality building than a carousing lifestyle.
We need selfless public servants not plundering profit merchants.

We have to rise from social and economic disgrace to amazing grace.

The long and dangerous reach of....'them'. (can 'they' blow up your phone while you are talking on it?)

According to this TED lecture, people with the technical know-how can access your phone when you are speaking on it, (and it's against your ear) mess with the code deep inside, and cause your battery to be overloaded and explode. In other words, every Lithium Iron based battery in a phone is an accessible 'bomb'.
I suppose if you mess with 'them'....or are seen to be messing with 'them'....'they' can getcha!

This sort of revelation tends to focus the mind of anyone who wants to have a voice about any issue that might be a bit like a cheese grater on the scrotum of the political establishment. I guess I now need to surround my phone with Reactive Armor between my noggin and the phones face. Perhaps I should buy an old old olllllld phone that doesn't use a Lithium Iron battery.

Wait...I see  fantastic *Conspiracy Theory* potential here... (grin).... "Lithium Iron batteries are a vast and nefarious plot by 'them' .....to control us." There...have some fun wit that.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

What is Happiness? (Aristotle and the modern Conversation forum)

Oh the lamentable shallowness and desperation of the empty secular mind in trying to solve the question of "Happiness"..... as demonstrated in the multifarious viewpoints and perspectives in this heavy duty forum for the forthright and  those who think they are right.

What this forum demonstrates is the post enlightenment confusion of secular man striving after some kind of direction and basis for life, in the absence of his Creator. 

By all means have a dabble in the babble on that forum, the psycho bluster, the scientific strudel, the intellectual incest....sure... but at the end of the process, just pause for a moment and consider if you will, this:

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Gal 5)

However, the other side of that coin is the place where happiness does not linger:

19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. (Gal 5)

It seems to me that secular humanity wants it's amoral cake and to eat the fruit of happiness as well.  Now not even that sentence 'works' does it?  Secular mankind wants to be morally free from all the prudes in Church, and from the proddings and pokings  of a God sensitized conscience, and yet still he/she want's to be happy.

I can concede this much, you can experience all the list of things noted above in 'life in the Spirit' yet without the indwelling Holy Spirit, so the outcome is:  short term momentary feelings, lack of depth of those feelings, and they are always in reality second fiddle to the real thing when a life is connected to the Creator through Christ.

Make of this what you will, no skin of my nose... but if perchance someone reads this and they realize the truth of it, yet then turns away, I would be saddened if I knew of it. Not because "my" words were rejected, not at all, after all, who am I?  Nope, I would be sad because that person came so close to ultimate truth and eternal life, but went away.

Why Dean Mighell will be placed in indefinite detention under my Government.

...without trial.

I know...I know.. *sigh*.....sounds like delusions of megalomania.  But then... it's possible for a 'no one' to become top political dog in as little as  10 yrs or even 2. History shows this, and it can take a lot less, specially in an age of social media. Just look at the situation in Ukraine.

A bunch of intellectual boof heads, and right wing bozos, and a few fringe lefty fanatics managed to scrounge up a very large whining and enduring crowd in Kiev and ....'voila' a democratically elected president walks (runs?) away.
In the midst of all that, one Arsenyi Yatsenyuk suddenly arose as Prime Minister. Hmmmmm... have you looked into his background ? His real ethnicity? He is not Ukrainian thats for sure. Doesn't it make you wonder then, how this drongo managed to get himself dredged up into such a position of power without being elected? You might like to check out the very checkered history of the notorious George Soros and see if you notice what they have in common. (with people's bio's, always look up 'early life' in Wikipedia) (are you by now 'getting' why Russia is  a tad nervous about this?)

You have to be a bit of a newshound, history nut and philosophy freak like yours truly and have followed in great detail the events and sequences of events that lead to 'now'...whenever now might be.  Dean Mighell was the secretary of the Electrical Trades Union of Victoria and the associated reading of the antics of what in my opinion is his crew of thugs is enough to make your hair stand on end and your fist pound the wall! Montebello will be in the same 'taxi' to the remote recreational 'spa' in hmm, say Woomera or Curtin. (along with a few other notables)

This move will occur during the 'reset' stage of Australia's political and social renewal. (the first 12 months)

Worse, the Liberals have shown their usual spinelessness by conveniently 'commending' Mighell on issues on where they see a future for their electoral prospects:

In recent times, Liberal hardmen Eric Abetz and Sophie Mirabella have put out statements commending Dean Mighell’s stance on carbon. (source)

Mighell and crew have about the same level of moral capacity of I.S. in my view.  In my opinion,  what I consider to be  crimes against humanity perpetrated by Mighell and complicit ETU members on Victoria during a heatwave have not and will never be forgotten nor forgiven.

Coalition of the Willing to confront I.S. (or the Battle of Yarmouk revisited?)

hmmm..... more likely a hotch potch of half baked half wits who are as willing as their position, popularity, payroll and prestige will stretch!
I'm not convinced that they are as much 'willing' as they are 'begrudging'. The West demonstrates it's pathalogical dimwittedness by viewing Russia "The Reds are under our beds" as the large  looming red peril of the 60s cold war, instead of the economically and ideologically liberated entity that it is today.

Of course, we must never try to understand the actions of Western leaders in terms of logic or reason, or even historical awareness. As per sentence one above.."popularity, payroll and prestige" are the driving factors in all that 'we' do. Add a few high level sex games (Dominique Strauss Khan-IMF boss) Looking at his round-about lust filled life and marriages, it seems his name would be more appropriate being 'Demonic' Strauss Kkan)

That aside,  we end up now with a very shaky coalition of suspect alliances and dodgy motivation, with impressive numbers, experience and equipment I'm sure. But what's driving it all ?    Here is an example of just how baddddd a wrongly motivated army, of motley males who fueled their fury with debilitating alcohol.  This story was related to me first by a fellow history nut who used to manage mega building sites (like huge high rise) but due to the drying up of Government funding, is now working 'back to the tools' as a backyard chippy doing decks and renovations. In his version, the 'Schnapps' was only part of the story, he added 'hookers' ... which I can't find in the account below, but perhaps he read a different account, or... the addition of hookers was one of the Chinese whisper enhancements to an already good story.

Different portions of an Austrian army, which were scouting for forces of the Ottoman Empire, fired on each other by mistake, causing self-inflicted decimation. The battle took place on the evening of 17 September 1788. The Ottomans were victorious and captured the city.
The army of Austria , approximately 100,000 strong, was setting up camp around the town of Karánsebes (now Caransebes, in modern Romania). The army's vanguard, a contingent of hussars, crossed the Timis River nearby to scout for the presence of the Ottoman Turks. There was no sign of the Ottoman army, but the hussars did run into a group of Romani (Gypsies), who offered to sell schnapps (booze) to the war-weary soldiers. The cavalrymen bought the schnapps and started to drink.
Soon afterwards, some infantry crossed the river. When they saw the party going on, the infantry demanded alcohol for themselves. The hussars refused to give them any of the schnapps, and while still drunk, they set up makeshift fortifications around the barrels. A heated argument ensued, and one soldier fired a shot.
Immediately, the hussars and infantry engaged in combat with one another. During the conflict, some infantry began shouting "Turci! Turci!" ("Turks! Turks!"). The hussars fled the scene, thinking that the Ottoman army’s attack was imminent. Most of the infantry also ran away; the army comprised Italians from Lobardy, Slavs from the Balkans, and Austrians, plus other minorities, many of whom could not understand each other. While it is not clear which one of these groups did so, they gave the false warning without telling the others, who promptly fled. The situation was made worse when officers, in an attempt to restore order, shouted "Halt! Halt!" which was misheard by soldiers with no knowledge of German as "Allah! Allah!".
As the cavalry ran through the camps, a corps commander reasoned that it was a cavalry charge by the Ottoman army, and ordered artillery fire. Meanwhile, the entire camp awoke to the sound of battle and, rather than waiting to see what the situation was, everyone fled. The troops fired at every shadow, thinking the Ottomans were everywhere; in reality they were shooting fellow Austrian soldiers. The incident escalated to the point where the whole army retreated from the imaginary enemy, and Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II was pushed off his horse into a small creek.
Two days later, the Ottoman army arrived. They discovered 10,000 dead and wounded soldiers and easily took Caransebeş.

BATTLE OF YARMOUK.  This battle in 636 at the Yarmouk river in Syria saw a sad defeat of the Byznatine (Roman) forces by a much smaller contingent of Muslim arabs under the leadership of Khalid bin Al Waleed.
All of the stupidity and sorry mixed motives of the Austrians applied to this battle also. Loyalty was something that could be bought, or changed with some creative intimidation. Of one thing we may be absolutely sure, that that mindset of the I.S. militants is utterly focused on that battle of long ago. They are sitting in the same geographical space, taunting the USA to 'come and get us'. 

Admittedly, the Romans did not have sophisticated drones or other manifestations of military superiority, but the Muslims are probably remembering a more recent war where the Americans were not defeated on the battlefield but in the lounge rooms of it's citizens with images from Vietnam played daily. They showed the horrific casualties and underlined, whether intended or not, the seeming absurdity of fighting this war on foreign soil.  The I.S. Muslims will probably behead more Western captives until they are totally obliterated, which is the only final solution to this problem.

WESTERNERS DISSAPPEARING?  Have you noticed it?  Suddenly an Australian 'disappears' while on a surfing holiday to Indonesia. Many Indonesian Muslims are fighting in Iraq/Syria.  A bunch of Fijians are kidnapped in the Golan heights. Wake the hell up you ignoramuses! You blockheads boofheads and bozos!!!  This is not the time to go gallivanting around Muslim regions.  Your holiday might come to an abrupt and bloody end that you didn't expect.

Let's hope that the Coalition of the willing does not become like the crying cringing cowards and buffoons of the Austrian and Roman  Armies who killed each other with mistaken friendly fire and/or just plain panicked.

LESSON. As if you needed to be told ?   Well it should be abundantly clear, small things can lead to very large,unexpected and unnecessary massive loss of life.  Poor planning, pathetic motivation, primitive performance will end us up on the scrap heap of history like the Austrians did at the Battle of Caransebes and the Romans at the Battle of Yarmouk. More important is the necessity of a creed that you are willing to die for if needed. I hardly think that the scurrilous scandalous self interest of our political class is up to the task. A creed needs to be enduring, and not able to be shown to be shallow, or silly or capable of ridicule due to it's lack of coherence and reasoning.