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Saturday, March 8, 2014

World Vision's Rev Tim Costello...not 'Escape Out of Africa' but 'Crusade into Syria'.

Aah the Rev Tim looked quite the Humphrey Bogart as he trekked along the desert sands of Syria, bemoaning mans cruelty to man, and how he can mobilize his World Vision forces to save the world.

Sadly Tim seems to know little about how to remedy the real causes of this conflict, and looks more like a doddering old progressive twit than the determined Bogey on a mission to save Kathryn Hepburn from the swamps and snakes of the African Savanna.
"Rev" Tim Costello, doing a Bogey.

Tim will weep a little, wring his hands a lot, and look bewildered at the 'poverty', yet without any reference to the tribal underbelly of the conflict.

This is the kind of image 'Rev' Tim Costello does NOT want you to see!!!

 THIS is the only kind of image Rev Tim Costello wants you to see:
Dead Syrian Children. Tim's preferred 'vision' for your eyes.

Of course Rev Tim's $220,000 salary package probably makes that saga a lot easier to endure. Yep.. Rev Tim is out there battling to save the battlers, to provide for the poverty stricken,  impress the interested donors, and generally come out of it all looking pretty good.  Two hundred and twenty grand should make any normal person feel pretty bulletproof while people are dying all around him.

Do you ever worry about where your charity dollar is going?

Rev Tim was very concerned about that back in the bad old days when he was a struggling Minister on a meagre salary with the Wesley Mission. He was so concerned that he is on record criticizing a fellow 'minister' for having a nice pad in Paddington (or somewhere nearby) and raking in a Salary of $165,000.   Yikes and straighten the dog collars me boys.. how can a minister feel comfortable with that kind of loot cranking his bank balance ever ever higher? Oh wait.. Tim is now on much more than that... so I guess we won't hear Rev Tim C picking on anyone for their high pay unless they are making over a $mil?
I guess Rev Tim won't be blurting out stuff like this in the near future: (about Rev Tim Langley's Pay and Pad)
"Look, I was shocked and I think most clergy in the church are dumbstruck. When you have a religious calling, you understand it's about sacrifice and service. You're not in it to make money."

I guess $220,000 is er..'chicken feed' to the new improved Rev Tim these days.

You can see the documented full story of Rev Tim Costello from his bad old bully days here.  Dammmmmn that Internet... once it's out there.....its 'out there'.

If anyone knows of a public record of Rev Tim's apology to Rev Tim Langley, please link me to it in the comments section below and I'll stop following 'Rev' Tim Costello's lead of picking on his pay and conditions they way he picked on Rev Langley.

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