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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Woe to you Lawyers! (Jesus)

There are times in our own lives and in the history of the nation when we tend to say "It's about time!".

During a period of English history in the 17th century, there was a government called the 'Rump' Parliament. It was called 'Rump' with the same meaning as we use it for the hind quarters of a slaughtered head of beef. Rump Steak.  This was the leftover parliament from what was called the "Long Parliament".  That parliament was purged by a General Ireton at the request of what was called the "New Model Army". (Cromwellian)

The Commons voted to abolish the House of Lords on 6 February and to abolish the monarchy on 7 February; an act abolishing the kindship was formally passed by the Rump on 17 March, followed by an act to abolish the House of Lords on 19 March. The establishment of a Council of State was approved on 14 February and on 19 May an Act declaring England a Commonwealth was passed. The Treasons Act made it an offense to say that the House of Commons (without the Lords or the King) was not the supreme authority of the land.

The part I find interesting is how most of the members of parliament were utter self seeking scum. Protecting first and foremost their own interests and wealth, they stand in the same condemnation described by FDR in 1933 when he said "The deeds of these unscrupulous money changers stand indited in the court of public opinion and condemned in the hearts of men!" 

During the time of the Commonwealth of England (1649–1653), the Rump passed a number of acts in the areas of religion, law, and finance. Most of the members of the Rump wanted to promote "godliness", but also to restrict the more extreme puritan sects like the Quakers and the Ranters. An Adultery Act of May 1650 imposed the death penalty for incest and adultery and three months imprisonment for fornication; the Blasphemy Act of August 1650 was aimed at curbing extreme religious "enthusiasm". To stop extreme evangelicals from preaching, they formed a Committee for the Propagation of the Gospel, which issued licenses to preach. To allow Puritans freedom of worship, they repealed the Elizabethan requirement of compulsory attendance at an Anglican Church. As lawyers were overrepresented in the Rump Parliament, the Rump did not respond to the popular requests made by the Levellers to change the expensive legal system.

The first observation is that these people viewed parliament as a playpen for their own financial and political advantage.  Along came Cromwell and sorted them out. In a take no prisoners attitude, he dealt them a mortal blow, by telling them the truth about themselves....and dissolving parliament.

Do I hear you say......IT'S ABOUT TIME!

It was from this period that the terms "Front Bencher" and "Back Bencher" entered our Aussie vocabulary. (Via our English background)

There were two interest groups in Parliament:

  1. Members of Parliament who were professional lawyers and cooperated to oppose the reformation of the English Legal System. Some of the best known lawyer allies were Bulstrode Whitelocke and Sir Thomas Widdrington, and Nicholas Lechmere and Lisliborne Long.
  2. Members who were particularly concerned with commercial matters and politics in the city of London. Three remarkable pairs of allies in this category are Jon Venn and Miles Corbet, Isaac Pennington and Thomas Atkin, and Frances Allen and Richard Salwey.
It is abundantly clear, that Parliament is rife with self interest seeking to strip the nation of it's wealth under the guise of 'law'. Do you think anything has changed?

Sir Oswald Mosely (previous few entries) railed against such corruption, and the establishment rallied against him.
It's about time we heard the voice of the prophet again.  These gladiators of divine truth did not suffer foolish kings long. They shredded them with extreme prejudice using the power of the spoken word.

The ox knows its master,
    the donkey its owner’s manger,
but Israel does not know,
    my people do not understand.”
Woe to the sinful nation,
    a people whose guilt is great,
a brood of evildoers,
    children given to corruption! (Isaiah 1)

Ummmm....yeah. I am guessing that Isaiah was not on top of the King's chrissy card list that year.  But what he said was needed..urgently.

Woe to the lawyers in our political parties!  How many of them are NOT involved in ensuring their own success, future, and good life, on all sided of Parliament?
It matters not whether they milk the cow of Legal Aid (Left wing lawyers) or make a killing on some trumped up(?) compensation claim (Maurice Blackburn and Co)  or try to set free terrorists who wanted to blow up the MCG during Grand Final (Robert Stary), or just try to keep access to justice expensive (Right wing lawyers), they are much deserving of the verbal vehemence delivered by Isaiah, John the Baptist and Jesus.

Jesus echoed Isaiah's harsh words in Matt 23... he really gave them a serve.

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