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Saturday, February 8, 2014

When long silenced voices are allowed finally to speak- we learn so much!.

Enoch Powell  (famous for his "Rivers of Blood" speech on  20th April 1968)was once asked "How do you feel being in the political wilderness now?"   (he had been placed in political solitary confinement by the powers to be)...
He responded "Wilderness's are good places I notice, for voices.  They tend to get a reverberation which is often lost in the more crowded places" It's worth a look!
Powell was so popular it must be remembered with both conservative and trade unions alike that it was estimated that if an election had been held the weekend after his speech, he would have won by a landslide.  The honest observer of history in 2014, should in all good conscience find out about this man, and put ear plugs in which can deafen you to the cacophony of hysterical shouts and screams from the rabid communist types who will try while they have breath to shout him down.

Another voice consigned first to jail, then to the same political wilderness was an even more powerful figure of British Politics, Sir Oswald Mosely.  He organized the "British Union of Fascists".  He was a towering man, head and shoulders taller than the averge person.

Sounds awful doesn't it?  Fascism is a very loaded word these days. I find the definition of Fascism in Wikipedia to be quite horrific because it involves notions of racial superiority and national destiny which involve the subjection of other people.  This should not surprise us, but considering this definition fits every tribe and nation since Cain gave Abel a terminal whack, it might not be as bad or 'evil' as the critical voices claim.  Evil or good, right or wrong, it is one word which describes the unfolding of human history since it was first recorded.
Even Amazonian Indians consider themselves alone to be 'human' and all others to be sub human. But we must not digress from the primary point intended by this entry.  In a previous post, I contrasted the Mosely shown above, (looking very 'Nazi' like you might say) with the older Mosely being interviewed by another knight.. Sir David Frost. 

In that interview Sir Oswald makes some very interesting statements about the goals of his movement, which he claims was to prevent Britain going to war with Germany,  which he claimed was caused by certain Jews..financiers, who wanted the war.  Now this is the key portion of the interview that I wish to examine more closely, because I've not heard this information before.

Mosely's main points.

-Hitler started the war by invading Poland.
-Britain entered the war because of the pressure from Jewish Financiers. "A Jewish Financiers quarrel"
-Hitler was a product of the first world war after effects, and the cruelty of the Treaty of Versailles.
-This war would have been avoided if Britain had allowed Germany to destroy Communist Russia.

(I find his last point somewhat short sighted because if the Germans had conquered Russia, the combined strength would have been unstoppable by anyone.)

Jewish Financiers?  because this point is highly inflammatory, we should look more closely at it.

"Give me control of a nation's money
and I care not who makes the laws."(Mayer Amschel Rothschild-Jewish founder of Rothschilds Banking empire)

Now see how Mosely refers to this situation in his July 16th, 1939 speech:

The Parties are the servants of the money power and that money power is largely in alien hands. (Cheers.) We show you in detail in our literature how, under this system—I have shown it in fact in innumerable speeches—any Party or any Government can be broken at once by the money power, because, under this international system that every one of them supports, the infinite mobility of the money power, its capacity to move rapidly from one country to another, to break Exchanges, to create financial panic and chaos, can bring down any Government which dares for one moment to oppose it. 

The main difference between Mosely and many other high profile revolutionary figures is that he seems to be on the money.... accurate.. fair dinkum. Not only does he 'say' things, he also backs them up with evidence.  Keep in mind, this towering figure was considered to be a future  Prime Minister, but it seems honesty and principle kept him out of that steaming stinking swamp of compromise and self interest.

A full discussion of Mosely's views is beyond the scope of this entry. It would need to examine the impact of British Foreign Policy on local populations, economic justice, social justice and many other  elements of the Empire.

But to the main point. Mosely claims that when the British government wanted to stop the Genocide against the Armenians in Turkey  the Jewish born opposition leader Benjamin Disraeli successfully opposed it. He described the massacre and holocaust of hundreds of thousands of Armenians as “coffee house babble”. (by all means google that phrase! adding the name Disraeli).

I don't quite see how this kind of thing contributed to the first world war other than that it altered the power balance in the Crimea to produce just the right tensions to creat the spark that lit the fuse of the war (The Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria in Bosnia).

This is an issue that obviously requires more research. But one thing I do recall about the life of Disraeli, he did tend to look after his own financial interests first. (article about Disraeli)

I believe that Mosely would have been privy to much more information than I can glean from a few google searches, and apart from the snappy but scary uniform of the Union of Fascists and their use of that name (Fascist) I find him a very credible man.

Mosely seems to have been somewhat of a prophet.  In this  soundclip he attacks the use of Asian sweatshops run by white bosses for evanescent profit.

It seems to me that the various British political parties  moved against Mosely because of strings that were being pulled in the background. As to who was pulling them, and of what nature they were, it remains to be confirmed.

Regarding the doctrines of Fascism, I find the 'manifest destiny' of controlling others territory, and the notion of  racial superiority to be (as, believe it or not, Hitler first described the  anti semitic press in Vienna) "Offensive, and beneath the dignity of a great Nation"... if you care about history at all, you should investigate that little quote and how Hitler changed from this tolerant non anti semite to a thorough going warrior of the Final Solution. "Something" had to occur that changed his mind.  I'll leave you to discover that.

But it seems to me that the same self seeking and self protective mentality that was at work in the 'Rump Parliament' of England in the 17th century is also at work in the mainstream media with an inflexible resolve to characterize the likes of Powell and Mosely as extreme fanatics and racists, for the purpose of defending their own privilege, wealth and other interests.

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