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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Walter Reuther- a man of mystery and contradiction. (the man who destroyed Detroit)

We are all victims or products of our upbringing and Reuther who was the President of the United Auto Workers Union from 1936 to 1970 in America is a man in who's life we can find many lessons.

Consider this quote from his biographical sketch:

Fired for trying to organize a union, Reuther moved to Detroit in 1927, drawn by the Ford Motor Company's promise of high wages and a shorter workweek. (source)

This is the same man who later, tried to destroy Ford, by making demands so heavy and burdensome, that recently, Ford had to put aside $22 BILLION dollars for.... ex Ford workers and their families pensions.  This man, who came to Ford for it's short work week and higher wages...withOUT any Union.... yet Reuther, most likely because of the indelible impression of his socialist father and mother, and their lunatic ideology that could not see anything good in Ford being the industry leaders in high wages and conditions at the time... so much so that they organized strike after strike after strike.

Not content with this, they made what most reasonable people would consider absurd 'demands' and then, Reuther said at the 1965 conference.. "This is only the beginning"... well I have to agree with him there..but it was the beginning of the end.... nothing else. The End didn't come until 2009, but all the nefarious efforts of Reuther and his Union contributed to it. Having said that, I believe Reuther was suffering from some kind of mental condition derived from his upbringing that shaped his mind in a very passionate, but deluded way.

But notice one thing... just one.  Ford were generous and helpful and humane to their workers compared to other manufacturers.  Yet.. Reuther was infected by some wild eyed ideological  belief that they were a money and conditions tree that was definitely evergreen.  You should reflect on that quotation above, and ask if Obama and the Democrats are living in that same twilight zone.

Henry Ford offered a $5.00 per day wage for 8 yrs work, while other companies were offering $2.30/day and 9 hour days. How Reuther could have the temerity, insolence and evil to try to start a Union within Ford in those days is beyond comprehension.  Ford even offered it's employees a share of profits! Other auto makers were alarmed and incensed that Ford would be so generous.  So what was going on in Reuther's head that made him want to start a Union? The man was sick, very sick in ways that we might not even yet know about, either that or he had a nefarious plan for his own elevation and glory and saw in Ford Motor company a way of acheiving this!  Considering he flitted from place to place in Union funded Lear Jet's, I am attracted to this theory!

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