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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Those pesky Conspiracy Theories, never go away!

I think one of the greatest dangers to our freedom is "Conspiracy Theories". (CT) But my reasons for considering them dangerous is not my lack of belief in elements of some of them, it is the fact that when presented 'as' a conspiracy theory, many rational people switch off by default.

For example, with the 9/11 "They are us" conspiracy theory,  which held that the attack was orchestrated not by nefarious Islamist interests but by the United States itself as a false flag operation.
I have very little time for the dodgy observations of various physical phenomena that supposedly showed that explosives had been planted in the twin towers prior to the planes crashing.  People went right off into bizarro land on that kind of thing.  What bothered me (who is in no doubt that it was an Islamist Plot) was the lack of serious follow up investigation into certain claims made by credible people who had personal knowledge of certain alarming things that were happening in the background.

Then there was the immediate Boston Bombing 'conspiracy/false flag' claims, that so defied believability that they were a complete joke.  Such wildly irrational claims tend to dampen our enthusiasm or willingness to listen carefully to any perspective which could be called a CT.

Glenn Beck and his unflinching attacks on all things political and social that smack of undermining American founding fathers/constitutional underpinnings of America are an example of where we must be careful not to throw the Beck Baby out with the Boston Bombing theory bathwater.  Beck has rarely been wrong.....though to many  he has been intensely annoying. (Usually to those who irrationally and sentimentally cling for dear life to their pet lefty lunacy).   Michael Savage strikes me as one who goes way over the top in his claims about New World Order etc.. though I am thoroughly convinced of just such a movement myself.  Savage tries to tie it all down to events and people which are very hard to verify, and he seems to amplify the situation to 'code red/extreme' levels when no one can see much evidence of anything diabolical happening.

That doesn't mean it's not, which is the danger of people like Savage, and to some degree Beck, who make it so much like..."You are going to be enslaved within the next 30 seconds unless you ...... (fill in the blank)"

Beck has an interesting take on the 'Private Fed'.... Federal Reserve. He claims that they originated from certain wealthy people in the US, and have the following agenda or mandate. (see screen shot below)
Having now done a bit more reading, I can comment specifically on the 2nd point from what seem like a source close to the original but not quite there.  Here is a quote from the Wiki article about it:

In 1816 the U.S. Congress chartered this Second bank for a twenty-year period to create irredeemable currency with which to pay for the costs of the War of 1812. The creation of congressionally authorized irredeemable currency by the Second Bank of the United States amounted to taxation by inflation.(source)

This seems to support  point 2 above. "Create"....money.   I always maintain a healthy skepticism about such things until I can personally verify them, so I've still got some work ahead to tie this back to the actual charter itself.

Arbeit Macht Frei

FEMA CAMPS. (concentration?)  This is one very virulent theory that, according to Wikipedia

.....exist in the mind of a particularly loopy bunch of conspiracy theorists who believe that mass internment facilities have been built across the continental United States by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in preparation for a future declaration of martial law.


FEMA, naturally, is the shadow government which will run the show after the puppet government dissolves through a series of executive orders issued by the President

COMMENT.  The difference between a concentration death camp and an 'emergency' accomodation camp is really not that much. The nature of the 'emergency' might be more contentious. But allowing for fact to speak louder than fiction, who did not  recently see President Obama's state of the Union speech in which he said.. "I will make executive decisions where I can aside from congress".

FDR asked for that in 1933 "If congress fails to pass either one of these initiatives, I will ask congress for the one remaining instrument, broad executive power".

Consider these facts and where they might lead.

1/ The Nation is $17,000,000,000,000 in debt and rising.
2/ Obama gave Federal Employees a $3/hour pay rise  (ensuring loyalty from the instruments of Gov't ?)
3/ The National debt translates into approx $50,000 for each man, woman and child, old or young.
4/  The debt will inevitably lead to massive social chaos and disruption.

That 4th fact might seem more like speculation, but history and experience show otherwise. This is the point where the FEMA camps true purpose will be evident. Will they put up a sign saying "Arbeit Macht Frei" or....?

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