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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Parade of the True Believers.

A comment on Australian Industrial Relations

Don't trot out and parade before me your pillars of past progress! They are nothing but misguided pilots to political and economic perdition.  In the past you had 'progress' but you never asked to what you were progressing!  Now we see it, clear and unmistakable for all to gasp at! Nissan, Mistubishi, Ford, General Motors... nothing but withered and withering leaves of failed industrial enterprise!

Don't speak to me about your heroes, -never mention Martin Kingham, or Norm Gallagher, or John Halfpenny, speak not of Whitlam or Grassby; they are but dirty blemishes on the otherwise reasonable history of Australia's industrial relations. I don't want to hear about  how your so called rights were won, they are but nails in the coffins of Australia's competitive edge, those coffins are standing by at the funeral parlor, for the final service, the last rights, for a lifetime of wrongs!

And you bosses, you fat dwellers in Point Piper and Toorak, don't gloat to me about your victories over them in the courts you cohorts of white collar crime and Industrial hypocrisy, you who's only challenge is whether your bonus and share options  will give you the social mobility that  enables you to migrate from a small mansion in South Yarra to the bigger one in Toorak!  Yes you!.....you CEO's and high flying executive types. You who promote and protect yourselves at your cocktail parties. You who give huge payouts to those who presided over falling share prices and economic train wrecks.

Don't think the Judges will be left out, that gang of self protecting servants of self interest. Look at yourselves. Look at how race becomes the reason for how some of you speak and decide, look at how political affiliation and race rather than the raw facts determines your perspective on the nuts and bolts of  cases. You  use sophisticated syntax, fragrant phrases and  perfumed paragraphs to sway the susceptible and grip the gullible. You dress up evil in the garments of justice, but inside? Woe to you Judges and Lawyers, you are like whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones.

Perhaps you feel like stoning me now? It's been done before, a Man from Galilee spoke truth to power and power was angry! Finally power said... "what is truth?"..and washed it's hands of this mans fate surrendering Him to the angry mob, fuelled by fictitious fantasies from frantic men.
They took him to a hill outside town, and hung Him on a tree...they thought 'We've won'...but that was friday, Sunday's coming.  When it came the world was divided into two time era's. This man had no army, he carried no sword, he organized no massive rebellion, no..he brought a simple message to a sinful people.

From the top to the bottom, you have been measured and found wanting.  I've seen the lightning flash, I've heard the thunder roll, I've felt the pummeling waves trying to conquer my soul, but I heard the voice justice telling me still to fight on...I know it will never leave me.. never leave me alone! *  From the snow capped peaks of Kosiosko, to the sunburnt plains of Kalgoorlie, from the broad beaches of Broome to the basking beaches of  Bondi, from Brisbane to Bathurst and Hobart to Heathmont, truth will rise up and shine like the sun on this once great Nation.

*Adaptation of a hymn used by MLKjr on one of his speeches.

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