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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Post Civil Rights -Racism Returns, but who is the racist?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The newest dormitory at Brown University, one set aside chiefly for African Americans, is called Harambee House, Swahili for "the coming together of community."
Already on Brown's hilltop campus overlooking downtown are Hispanic House, French House, Slavic House, East Asian House and German House.
From this Ivy League school in New England to little-known colleges in the Pacific Northwest, many universities are acceding to students' demands and organizing dormitories by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation--even by drinkers and teetotalers. (source)

Well, it seems EVeryone is the racist now...preferring his own 'kind' over others.  So much for "Now is the time to rise up out of the dark and desolate valley of segregation, to the sunlit path of racial justice" (MLKjr)
"Now is the time, to lift the nation up out of the quicksand of racial injustice and onto the solid rock of.....BROTHERhood."

It seems that todays racist dwells in every dormitory whether it be black, white, sex related or anything.  The younger generation have replaced the old fashioned "Hey Nigger" with "Hey Other"... where 'other' is anyone who is not his or her 'kind'.

If you are American and can read this, I'm most happy to engage in conversation with you about it, because I seriously doubt you have the slightest clue about what's actually going on here.  I do!  I've been around for 65 yrs and I've been watching it all unfold day by day. I am also well versed on History from the time of Plato down through the enlightenment (so called) to today.. so we could have a thriving conversation I'm sure.

Why not include your thoughts in facebook at a page dedicated to Nissan Workers at Canton.....but that's just the talking point.. it leads to many other things of great importance.

"Nissan Workers Reject UAW sordid seduction attempt (Mississippi)"  (facebook)

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