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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sir Oswald Mosely, rampaging "evil" Fascist or... Misunderstood Political and Economic Genius?

Or.. a man who, with faults like anyone else, was slandered and politically slaughtered by a two separate political 'Machines' for the same reasons.. self interest and power. The Labor Left and the Conservative Right were both guilty in my view of destroying Mosely, but, see the quote from Enoch Powell below about wilderness's and voices.

This interview with Sir David Frost should enable you to answer that question for yourself.

The same man....different clothes...different time, different place.

Yes....he was a 'Fascist'....but interestingly, his economic ideas are similar to those held by left wing governments such as the recently deposed Australian Labor Party, and by the Australian Greens and also the American Democrats. (I mean only the reliance on some elements of Keynesian Economic theory, in reality, these parties all leave out some keystone parts of Keynes ideas that could have made them a success.)

The simple fact is, that Mosely was a devotee of Keynesian economic theory, as is Obama and pretty much every left of center government of the world. However, many Lefty Governments are a tad on the lunatic side, because contrary to Keynes theory, they stimulate the economy with overseas borrowings rather than home grown treasury bonds.  That only adds debt, it does not ultimately stimulate or free up local money to do it's work and a key plank of Keynes approach was called a 'multiplier effect' .. this is invalid if borrowings are foreign sourced.

Aggregate demand is an interesting dimension to Keynes theory, advocating that wage rises can occur without price increases.  This is supposed to compensate for the lost profit by increasing demand/volume because consumers have more purchasing power..  this is supposed to result in more jobs and a buoyant labor market. Unfortuntely for Keynes worshippers... and his theory, the economy and it's participants are not sufficiently unilateral or homogenous to fully support this idea.

It also neglects the impact of more spendable money in consumers hands being directed toward cheaper imports that just add debt and don't help local industry. If the aggregate demand theory is to work, it should be supported by protective tarifs, which would have other negative impacts on our exports and trade relations.  Having said that "Politics" is where all these competing interests are evaluated by politicians in terms of how they impact the interests of the Pollies themselves or the loud vested interest voices in their constituencies.

The only difference between Moseley's black shirts and these Leftish governments is that Labor and the Greens don't have 'pretty uniforms' to parade around in.

The exchange between Mosely and a professional agitator in the audience is very revealing. The agitator proves Mosely's position admirably. See how he handles the issues at 22:00 But at this point Frost himself degenerates to being a mouthpiece for slander and just echoes the left wing propaganda levelled at Mosely and his movement. The timing of events and the firm statements made are critical in accurately evaluating Mosely's true position.  He declares that he raised up the 'Black Shirts' for security and protection at his meetings which were being attacked and invaded by the para military thugs of the Communist Left.  This very recognizable cycle of Left wing violence/right wing reaction is so predictable, and sadly often has the same result.. the violence is reported yes...but blamed on those who are defending themselves rather than the well armed Leftist thugs who cause it.  I've not only observed this, I've experienced it personally.

At 25:28, a presumably Jewish man in the Audience, claims to have a telegram from Mosely to the Nazi Julius Streicher who was rabidly anti semitic.  This is quite a volatile telegram and sounds far too much like the anti semitic "Protocals of Zion" that were proven to be spurious, to have any credibility. Mosely denies the matter.    Even when Mosely declares that he believes that Hitler should have been put on trial for his crimes against Jews..which according to Mosely were "because they were Jews".. Mosely rejects completely the idea that Jews should be eliminated simply for being Jews.

This goes very much against the tone and flavor of the propaganda generated by the mainstream Media of the day, and which seems to have influenced to a large extent the opinions of many in the audience who are reluctant to part with the myth that Mosely hated all Jews just for being Jews.

Towards the end, Frost completely loses the plot and morphs from balanced moderator to hissing tormenter. Frost panders to prejudice and parades facts that he identifies with those prejudices rather than viewing them in the bigger historical context. 

Mosely could drum up a crowd of a 100,000...not bad by any standard.

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