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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Australia-Newcastle Muslim man 26 'Marries' 13 yr old Child?

Yes.. that was the news this morning.
This is crucial news for you to realize exactly how serious is the spin and propaganda going on from the Muslim community. After the Imam who solemnized the marriage was arrested and charged, the spokesman for the Muslim community said some extremely important (but false) words that were designed only for one purpose...to deceive the Australian community.

His words were:  "Not under ANY interpretation of our faith can this be justified".
He was emphatic and urgent, but was he speaking with a forked tongue?

Islam is based on the belief that Allah spoke to mankind through the words and actions of Muhammad their supposed prophet. The simple fact that Muhammad contracted marriage with a 6 yr old child (Ayesha) and consummated that 'marriage' when she was nine years old disrobes the lie that came from this spokesman.  The way it works is simple."If Muhammad did it or permitted it, then 'it' is lawful and permissible".

So you can be sure that I'm not dredging this up from some 'hate' site or 23rd hand from some spurious source, let's look at the highest ranking source of Islamic information next to the Quran itself. That's called "Hadith" (record of oral tradition) from a man called "Bukhari". This is what he records, and the source is the girl herself.

I've done this as a screen shot/capture rather than as a cut/paste to ensure you know it's the real source.
What this imam engaged in when claiming such a marriage cannot be justified, was "Taqqiya"... you might like to google that term. It means "Deception of unbelievers for the sake of advancing Islam".

Here is a link to that hadith, and I strongly recommend you look at the one preceeding it, because it should alarm any sane person... as it refers to pre-pubescent children being divorced after consummation!  I better include that below, because it refers the reader to the Quran itself, so it is giving an interpretation (the correct one) from the Quran.  Make no mistake, this is a vile religion of the worst kind, that permits the sexual abuse of pre-pubescent children and the casting aside of same in divorce.

Here is a video on the story:

By all means, decide this issue for yourself, but please...do it on the basis of fact, not on the spin provided from some deceptive Imam via the mass media.

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