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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making the knock-off glove of Genocide fantasy fit the white Australian hand.-the dark work of Dr Colin Tatz

There has been extraordinay interest and readership of this article/entry about Dr Colin Tatz. I hope that most of the readership are white Australians of British Ancestry. Why? Very simple.. Dr Tatz has written a book so poisonous, it is of the character of Mein Kampf, but rather than demonizing Jews as the German book did, this one written by a Jew (Dr Tatz) demonizes and attempts to punish Australians now.. simply because of their skin color and British ancestry.

If further seeks to burden every Australian tax payer with penalties for things they never did, had no control over, and were not even born when the alleged events supposedly took place.  I won't rehash the evidence here, as it is abundantly clear in the article referred to above.

Tatz 'Nazi' like book is called "With Intent to destroy- reflections on Genocide" ie.. genocide in Australia of Aboriginals.  In short, Tatz argues that the United Nations definition of genocide needs to be expanded to bring even benovolent acts by the lawful government into a net of malicious persecution and prosecution by high profile well paid, well funded lawyers, who will seek to dismantle the Australian economy in a way that is probably the negative economic equivalent of the shutdown of Nissan, Mistubishi, Ford, GM and now Toyota all combined.

Tatz has invented his own brand of "Genocide" that will have the inevitable effect of making a lot of Lawyers rich, and a lot of Australians poor. (most Aussies). I can foresee a special addition to our tax returns for 'Genocide Compensation' in the many thousands for many years.

Because his sources are questionable, with ample evidence to persuade the open minded, it makes Dr Tatz's book all the more dangerous and him all the more culpable. This is also a call for the lethargy, apathy and plain 'she'll be right mate' attitude of millions of Aussies to wake up, get up and stand up for your innocence and to rid this nation of serial  pests like Dr Tatz and their spurious pseudo academic efforts.  Others who fit this same category are Dr Andrew Jakobowicz  who is forever banging on about 'multi' culturalism when the science is clearly against such a flawed idea. (Social Psychology-Yale) Ron Merkel, former federal court Judge now QC and Brind Woinarski, QC and Debbie Mortimer SC.

In regard to Mortimer, she seems indefatigable in her zeal to destroy Australian society, and to perpetrate repression of free speech.  She is described by a Lorin Howes as follows:

For Mortimer, the unflappable New Zealander who worked with the other lawyers on the case without expectation of a fee, this was a matter of principle. The principle for her was that the rule of law should always be upheld.

I suggest that Mortimer's passion is less for the rule of law, and more for the rule of Lawyers!
This is amply evidenced by a statement by Mortimer when she was persecuting the two Christian pastors in the Catch the Fire with the Islamic Council of Victorial (who she represented).. she actually said.. "Truth.... (let me repeat that) TRUTH...   is not... a defence , it's irrelevant to contravention of the act."  Now if you ever needed verification of 'rule by lawyers' that's it.  This interesting view of the law also reveals something awful about the Act itself! It has nothing whatsoever to do with Justice.    If an Act is structured such that 'truth' is not relevant.... what kind of Act is that? I suggest  to put it vulgarly it is a 'Dog Act'....and is the expression of the kind of vile government that the Labor ferals conducted during the dark years of the Steve Bracks lying Labor precursor to "Juliar" Gillard at the Federal level.

Only a Tyrant and/or a fool would enact a law that specifically sidelines and excludes truth. But then, politics is a dirty business and it is populated by many fools and a many would be Tyrants. 

We need to defend ourselves, our dignity, our history and our reputations from such "Internationalist" types like  Mortimer who probably see's herself as having an exalted future in the International Court of so called 'Human Rights' or the International Criminal Court, with powers close to those of a goddess. I regard her as a scoundrel, a manifestly self interested person, for whom personal glory and callous amorality is more important than truth or justice and I believe the evidence is there to actually confirm this, part of which I have outlined above.

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