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Sunday, February 2, 2014

If you were super rich, would you want to rule the world?

And... we might answer that question with a question.."Is the Pope Catholic?"......

It's a no brainer, not needing the slightest bit of documentary evidence or support. It is the story of History from the Cataline Conspiracy of Rome to the Machievellian Prince down to Juliar Gillard and Tony Rabbit of Australia and "El Presidente for life" Obama.

So when I see a video of G Edward Griffin, author of the iconic "Creature from Jeckyl Island" about the Federal Reserve Bank..... I have little trouble in working around any particular passions he might have in his assertion that the title of this entry is explainable in entirely believable terms.

It's reasonable to say that the President of the USA is NOT the most powerful person in the world, it is the bank managers he relies on for funding.

What I find most fascinating about this process of globalization we are all witnessing unfold in our own time, is it's reliance on the language of socialism and the appeal to the disadvantages masses.
It's not surprising, because it is the exact strategy used by Adolph Hitler and he outlines it in Mein Kampf. Nothing new there.  Just for an example... no.. 2 examples.  A man who's name you probably have not heard of.. "Maurice Strong" a man who has made millions out of the oil industry and at the same time is the 'Mr Climate Change/Environment' at the United Nations. (not currently but he is the man who pulled together the Rio climate forum and even had a bit hand in Copenhagen)   This man is on record as saying just that... "I live the life of a capitalist but my ideology is socialist"  he might have been more honest if he'd said "I live the lie of a capitalist...etc". 

Then we have His godliness...George Soros (this is a man who openly confessed he had fantasies of being god) one of the mega rich people of the world... and the man who 'broke' the bank of England... (look him up) and orchestrated more than one revolution in Eastern Europe. 

These people prefer to remain low profile but all powerful. Anyway.. have a glance at this video and see what you think.

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